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Queen and Freddie Mercury moment UNSEEN for years shared by Brian May | Music | Entertainment

Queen and Adam Lambert are currently on their Rhapsody tour of North America. And over the last few weeks guitarist, Brian May has been sharing moments from the concerts on his Instagram. While every now and then he also posts nuggets of Queen and Freddie Mercury history and memories too. The latest is a snap of the band back in 1980 in a photo that the 72-year-old reckons “probably nobody has seen…in recent times.”

May posted on his Instagram: “This might seem random … but there is a reason. I just heard that an old friend of mine who used to work on our promotion in Germany many years ago is poorly.

“Her colleague sent me this picture to remind me of old days.

“And it struck me probably nobody has seen this in recent times.

“It’s a moment in Munich in December 1980, when we were being presented with a gold disc (one of many, thanks to these guys’ hard work) for sales in Germany (on Electrola, as it was).”


May added: “This shows – left to right – Werner Pöppel, Gaby Zangerl, me, a very youthful Jim Beach, Jochen Krauss, who sent me the pic, Freddie, John and Roger.

“Obscured behind Freddie is Paul Prenter, now known to you all as a character in a film, and something of a bad guy, although, of course, he wasn’t ALL bad !

“Biopic movies are always, necessarily, a montage of simplifications (otherwise the film would be years long and unwatchable !)

“But hopefully distilled in a responsible way to tell a decent story. Swipe for a zoom in. Bri.”

Fans will know Prenter was Freddie’s manager and lover from 1977 to 1986 and was portrayed by Allen Leech in Bohemian Rhapsody.

He was believed to have had a huge influence over the singer, being blamed for 1982 album Hot Space’s poor sound.

Queen fans have seen him as Freddie’s Judas, selling a story of the singer’s personal life and intimate relationships to The Sun.

Prenter died from complications related to AIDS in August 1991, three months before Freddie.

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