Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2019

Putin news: Russian President announces military deal with India furthering Trump misery | World | News

The agreement between Putin and Modi was announced at an economic forum in Vladivostok this week – and will see the respective nations cooperate on defence, production of military equipment and joint drills. Energy and shipping deals have also been agreed as the two nations aim to reach $30billion in trade by 2025. Meanwhile, Trump had recently urged India and Pakistan to calm their hostility towards each other over the struggle for control of Kashmir, a contested area that India has recently occupied with troops.

The US President even offered to act as a mediator between the two states – but, in an apparent diplomatic triumph for Putin, Modi has shunned Trump’s advances and instead chosen to cozy up to Delhi.

Addressing the world’s media after the talks with the Russian President, Modi said: “We both are against outside influence in the internal matters.”

This statement came in the backdrop of ongoing tensions with Pakistan.

Modi revoked Article 370 of the constitution in August, scrapping the “special status” of two key areas in the Kashmir region.

This deal with India comes after Putin sold S-400 missile launchers to Turkey. The weapon can be used to combat NATO’s F-35 fighter jets.

With Turkey being a NATO member, the deal with Moscow has not been received well in Washington. US Defence Secretary Mark Esper said: “It’s either the F-35 or the S-400. It’s not both.


Putin’s missiles arrive on EU’s doorstep as Erdogan defies Trump

“It’s not park one in the garage and roll the other one out. It’s one or the other.

“We are where we are and it’s regrettable… Turkey’s been a long-standing partner and ally and I would hope they would move back in our direction and really live up to what NATO agreed to many years ago.”

Trump and Putin’s relationship is complicated itself.

At the G20 summit, Trump jokingly told Putin “don’t meddle in the [US] election”.

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