Published On: Fri, Aug 30th, 2019

Putin news: Erdogan eyes ‘inferior’ Russian warplanes to defy Trump as S-400 missiles arri | World | News

Putin showed off Russia’s latest hi-tech stealth fighter jet to Turkish President – and new ally – Tayyip Erdogan this week. Turkey is banned from buying any US F-35 fighter planes due to a long-standing dispute with the Trump administration over Ankara’s decision to purchase Russian S-400 missiles. However, despite optimism from Turkish officials, military analysis claims that the US jet dwarfs its Russian counterpart.

Russia showed off its latest Su-57 model earlier this month, boasting that it was far better than earlier versions.

However, the evidence shows the US F-35 fighter jet is superior in a number of areas.

An F-35 has a far larger detection radar range – it would be able to strike an Su-57 while remaining undetectable by the Russian plane.

And while the Su-57 can travel higher, faster and for longer, the US plane has a significantly faster rate of climb, meaning it can reach vast heights in record time.

In terms of weaponry, the F-35 equips a four-barrelled rotary cannon – the GAU-22 Equaliser – which can fire up to 4,200 rounds a minute.

Four weapons bays can carry two air-to-surface missiles and another two air-to-air projectiles.

It can also carry small cluster bombs.

These light but deadly weapons mean it, according to US Air Force Chief Mark Welsh, is perfect for close-range air support.

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However, analysis from Military Watch Magazine may explain why Mr Erdogan appears satisfied with purchasing the Su-57 plane over the F-35.

The magazine explains: “While the F-35 would provide a considerably more modern light fighter for the Turkish fleet, it is arguably the country’s air superiority capabilities which are most in need of improvement – hence why the Su-57 could be the ideal platform for Turkey.

“The heavy fighter’s strike capabilities, coupled with its high survivability, could make it a high-value asset for operating in the Middle Eastern theatre.

“Acquisition of the Su-57 could also pave the way for Russian involvement in Turkey’s indigenous fifth generation fighter project – thus effectively backfiring and severely undermining American interests.”

Erdogan was welcomed to a Moscow air display by Putin where the Russian President pitched the “technical capabilities of the latest generation of the Russian Air Forces which will open up new opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation.”

Putin was then seen offering his Turkish counterpart the chance to purchase the planes.

Washington kicked Russia out of the F-35 programme following Turkey’s decision to purchase Russian S-400 missiles which Washington officials claim are not compatible with NATO missiles.

They are also concerned that it would open up their F-35 fighter jets to subterfuge by Moscow.

The White House wanted Turkey to buy US Patriot missiles instead, but analysis suggests the American system is inferior.

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