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Princess Diana in pictures: The style evolution of the Princess of Wales

Princess Diana was only 19-years-old when she became engaged to Prince Charles. In the early years of Diana’s life in the spotlight, she was often seen in demure, classic outfits. However, over the next 17 years, Princess Diana’s style would change drastically. The Princess began to make riskier, bolder fashion statements later in life – including the infamous black dress and choker combo. Read on to take a look at Princess Diana’s fashion timeline.

One of the Princess’ most iconic fashion moments has to be her wedding to Prince Charles in 1981.

Renowned luxury wedding dress designer, Caroline Castigliano, told “Princess Diana’s wedding dress style was elaborate and fairytale, much like a Disney princess when she arrived at St Paul’s in her golden carriage.

“The design of leg of mutton sleeves and a vast skirt with a 25ft train in silk taffeta and antique lace was something little girls dream of.

“It was just so sad that no one thought about how badly the dress would crease by the time she arrived at St Paul’s.

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“After marrying Prince Charles, Princess Diana’s style developed as the world’s leading designers offered to dress her.

“Slowly, she bloomed into a stunning chic and stylish young woman, using her position to draw attention to some of the most wonderful designers, her look was feminine and glamorous but always appropriate to the occasion.”

While married to Prince Charles, Diana frequently opted for simple, often very feminine dresses.

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Pictures of the Princess after the birth of her son, Prince William, and at his christening, show Diana dressed in very staple, modest outfits.

For royal engagements, however, the Princess wore some of the most beautiful and elaborate gowns – including the famous “Travolta dress” she wore while dancing with John Travolta at the White House in 1985.

At the turn of the 90’s, Princess Diana was often seen in coatdresses or suits.

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Later in her life, Princess Diana made bolder choices with her outfits, with the off-the-shoulder black dress and choker combo stark in people’s memories of the Princess’ fashion choices.

In solidifying her status as a global fashion icon, an exhibition, Diana: Her Fashion Story, was on display at Kensington Palace until February 2019.

A particularly exquisite piece of the late Princess’ wardrobe is still currently on display at Kensington Palace today.

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