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Princess Charlotte first day fears as she is forced to adapt to new name at school | Royal | News

Princess Charlotte is starting reception year at the prestigious St Thomas’s Battersea school on Thursday. The exciting day will bring many changes into the life of the four-year-old princess – including being addressed as Charlotte Cambridge by her school friends and teachers. Just like most members of the Royal Family, Princess Charlotte’s surname comes from her parent’s title – Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Similarly to her, Prince George is known in school as George Cambridge.

Their father and uncle, respectively Prince William and Prince Harry, were known as William and Harry Wales, a surname passed on by Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales.

As explained by the Royal Family’s official website, royals “can be known both by the name of the royal house, and by a surname, which are not always the same.”

The website reads: “Just as children can take their surnames from their father, so sovereigns normally take the name of their ‘House’ from their father. 

“For this reason, Queen Victoria’s eldest son Edward VII belonged to the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha (the family name of his father Prince Albert).

“Edward VII’s son George V became the second king of that dynasty when he succeeded to the throne in 1910.

“In 1917, there was a radical change, when George V specifically adopted Windsor, not only as the name of the ‘House’ or dynasty but also as the surname of his family.

“The family name was changed as a result of anti-German feeling during the First World War, and the name Windsor was adopted after the Castle of the same name.” 

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Princess Charlotte will have special chaperones on her fist day of school, Kensington Palace has confirmed.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and her brother Prince George will all be with her as she enters the gate of St Thomas’s Battersea school for the first time.

And to mark Charlotte’s first day of school, Kensington Palace will likely organise a short photocall ahead of the beginning of the lessons, to the delight of royal fans.


Kate will be particularly happy to be able to take her daughter to school, as she was forced to miss her eldest son’s beginning of reception year last September due to the severe morning sickness she was suffering from while pregnant of Prince Louis.

While Princess Charlotte is waiting to meet her new school friends, Prince George is returning to the £6,429-a-term school for his second year.

The little Cambridge is said to be very “protective” of his siblings, and will likely look after Charlotte on her special day. 

Royal biographer Penny Junor told Hello! magazine: “Prince George is a very protective and lovely older brother.

“I’m sure he’ll look after his little sister and take great pride in showing her the ropes.”

But George is not the only member of the Royal Family Charlotte will meet on Thursday at her new school, as St Thomas’s Battersea is also attended by six-year-old Maud Elizabeth Daphne Marina Windsor.

Maud is the 50th-in-line to the throne daughter of Lord Frederick, son of Prince Michael of Kent, and Sophie Winkelman. 

And, according to her mother, little Maud is also a close friend of Prince George.

She told Hello! magazine: “We were invited to tea at Kensington Palace just before Princess Charlotte was born. Maud and George got on very well.

“He is a very clever, articulate little boy and was speaking long before other toddlers his age.”      

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