Published On: Thu, Sep 26th, 2019

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When the provisions of the 2013 At were being debated, the number six was arrived at through the most extreme historical example of the throne passing to an heir some way down the line.

This was Queen Victoria, in 1837, who was fifth-in-line.

In the House of Lords,  Lord Wallace explained the arrival at the number, saying: “A balance has to be found between mitigating against catastrophic but remote hypothetical events of a line being wiped out and the risk of impinging unnecessarily upon the lives of those who are distant from he throne.” 

However, he added: “I suggest that it would not be beyond the realms of possibility for a person who is No.7 or No.8 to be careful in such matters.”

Mark Durkan MP said that “being careful” meant: “Get married quickly before anything happens that means you become No.6 and therefore have to get the monarch’s consent.”

Alternatively, many interpreted Lord Wallace’s comments to mean that royal heirs close to the throne should take the precaution of asking the Queen’s permission to marry anyway.

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