Published On: Tue, Dec 10th, 2019

Princess Anne latest news: Signature reveals Queen’s daughter’s ‘spiky personality’

Princess Anne appeared on Thursday last week to pay her respects to the victims of the London Bridge terror attack the previous week. Images were posted on the Royal Family Twitter account.

The account wrote: “The Princess Royal paid respects to the victims of Friday’s London Bridge terror attack yesterday by signing the @cityoflondon Book of Condolence at @GuildhallArt.”

The Twitter account went on: “Today, Her Royal Highness, Fourth Warden of The Fishmongers’ Company, paid a private visit to Drapers’ Hall where she met members of the @FishmongersCo staff and Court members, including those affected by the attack.

“The Princess Royal previously visited Fishmongers’ Hall on Thursday 14th November when she attended a Committee of Wardens meeting and Court meeting.”

The City of London Book of Condolence is at the City of London Crematorium, it can be signed by anyone wishing to do so.

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“She has a line of least resistance with the smaller letters of her name – she is both laid back and relaxed.”

The handwriting can also tell us how Anne was feeling at the very solemn event.

“At the time of writing she was feeling content despite the sombre formality of the circumstances,” Emma said.

“She is likely to take life’s ups and downs with resilience. She is not prone to moodiness.”

“Her handwriting has a slight right slant, but is relatively vertical – she thinks in a logical way.

“The Queen is singular minded, and not swayed by emotion.”

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