Published On: Mon, Nov 11th, 2019

Prince William news: Royal had subtle cosmetic dentistry after a losing tooth

Prince William is a father-of-three, and is known for his sensible, shy, if somewhat reserved nature. So it my surprise to learn that William once chipped a tooth partying with friends.

Matthew Rose Restorative Dentist at the Implant Centre Hove & Hayward’s Heath said: “Prince William in photo’s pre 2014 the upper front teeth to be similar in colour.

“However post 2014 when it was rumoured that he lost a tooth, the upper right central incisor (UR1) looks lighter, and more aligned – as do the upper lateral incisors.

“It looks to me as if these teeth have been either crowned or veneered.

“If the UR1 was indeed knocked out/avulsed, it is probable that the UR1 is an implant.”

“They are straight but not perfectly aligned, they are a good size and shape although the proportion of length to width looks slightly out.

“We have seen some requests for the Meghan Markle smile which is whiter, more American and stand out but far less natural looking than Kate’s.

“Meghan’s teeth look a little unnatural, she has possibly recently had orthodontics (brace) and lots of of bleaching.

“Sometimes in post ortho cases teeth can look at little ‘splayed’ and along with the rounded incisal edges that she has, they just don’t look as natural as Kate’s. Kate’s smile is more likely to be the one that will always be in demand.”

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