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Premium Bonds prizes: NS&I reveals November 2019 prize draw estimate | Personal Finance | Finance

Premium Bonds are a form of saving which can be bought by any adult either for themselves, or for a child who is under the age of 16 as a gift. They cost £1, however there is a limit as to how many can be bought. The minimum investment is £25, while the maximum number of Bonds which can be held per person is £50,000.

This includes two £1 million jackpots, which two lucky Premium Bonds holders could be set to receive.

In total, 3,400,013 prizes look set to be paid out in November, NS&I said.

These are due to come to a grand total which has a value of £97,183,600.

Among the fund, there is estimated to be six payouts of £100,000.


There is also an estimated 11 lots of £50,000 up for grabs, and 23 £25,000 prizes.

At the lower end of the prize fund, which makes up 90 percent of the total amount, there are estimated to be 26,654 prizes of £100, 26,654 lots of £50, and 3,338,720 numbers set to win £25.

Latest £1 million winners in Premium Bonds prize draw

NS&I publishes some details about the high value winners each month on its website, while preserving their anonymity.

In October 2019, one of the millionaires was revealed to be female and from Dorset. They had £50,000 invested.

The other winner was male and from Essex. This person had a holding of £4,000.

It’s possible to download lists of all winning Bond numbers from the NS&I website for each of the last six months.

Although, it’s worth bearing in mind that each zip file contains a huge amount of data – amounting to around 4,000 A4 pages.

When will my Premium Bonds be eligible?

NS&I explains Premium Bonds become eligible for the monthly prize draw one full calendar month after they have been bought.

So, this means that if they are bought in November, the first time they’ll be in the monthly draw is from January.

Numbers are generated completely at random by ERNIE (which stands for Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment), and these are then matched against eligible Bond numbers in order to determine the winners.

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