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Premium bond numbers for June are now live on the NS&I website, with a selection of high-value winners. The results were chosen via ERNIE, the Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment. More than three million people have won a prize in this month’s draw.

Here are September’s high value winners and their prize amounts

– £1,000,000: 319ML537267

– £1,000,000: 350AS143074

– £100,000: 214ZL127336

– £100,000: 133KX141539

– £100,000: 326WN903935

– £100,000: 320JF800449

– £100,000: 341TW382380

– £100,000: 126ML202960

– £50,000: 263MD880885

– £50,000: 142WQ459090

How to check if you have won a prize this month

NS&I make it easy for people to find out whether they have won a prize every month.

With each new release, the savings bank posts the winning numbers and their prize amounts to its own website, which can be found here.

The ID for each high-value winner is included in a list, but not every single one is displayed.

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For those not among high-value winners (£5,000 to £1 million), you can check via NS&I’s handy search tool.

In order to find out if you are a winner you will need your holding number, this is a 10 to 11 character code which is given to you when you open a savings account with the service.

Each pound in your savings are issued their own unique value, and these are checked through the system to find out whether one of these is a winner.

For those not so internet savvy, you can send a letter to NS&I.

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Anyone wanting to find out if they have any winning numbers by mail can do so with a letter addressed to Glasgow G58 1SB.

You can ask the service for a bond record, which will come with the bonds you hold, holder’s number and NS&I number.

In your request, you will need to include personal details.

Letters should come with a reference number (NS&I, holder/customer, account, Bond or Certificate numbers), details of your accounts or investments, and a signature.

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