Published On: Fri, Oct 4th, 2019

Premium Bonds £1million winners unveiled – who tells you if you’ve won jackpot? | Personal Finance | Finance

The October 2019 Premium Bonds prize draw results are out, with two savers being selected for a £1million payout. The total “prize fund” reached more than £96million this month, which was shared out across more than 3.3 million prizes. The prize levels range from £25 to £1million – with the latter payouts being allocated to two winners this month. While their identity remains anonymous, NS&I has revealed some details about these two Premium Bonds holders.

One is from Dorset, is female, and has £50,000 invested.

The other £1 million winner this month is male and from Essex. He has £4,000 invested.

The two jackpot-winning bonds have the codes 312TX505194 and 86KL514893 respectively.

NS&I has revealed some details about what happens if a Premium Bonds holder scoops £1million.

In this situation, a person called “Agent Million” will pay them a visit in person.

NS&I reminds users on the website to remember to ask for their ID ahead of celebrating and adds that they will always have the ID ready.

While each Bond costs £1, the minimum investment is £25 – while the maximum is £50,000.

In the October 2019 prize draw, six people scooped a £100,000 payout.

One of these winners is from Cambridgeshire, while another is based in East Sussex.

There were two winners from London – with NS&I specifying one was from Inner London while the other was from Outer London.

There was also a £100,000 winner in the Lincolnshire area this month, while another was based overseas.

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