Published On: Wed, Aug 28th, 2019

PPI claim deadline: Martin Lewis urges consumers to submit mis-sold PPI check or claim | Personal Finance | Finance

The deadline for claiming back PPI falls tomorrow, August 29, at 23.59pm. Today, Martin Lewis, the founder of, appeared on BBC Breakfast, urging viewers to check to see if they could claim back money for mis-sold PPI. He said: “At this point, I think there’s a few things you have to do. The first thing, forget tomorrow’s deadline. The practical reality: consider today is the deadline.”

Explaining that consumers may face difficulties if they left the matter to the last minute, he suggested some potential problems people may face if they don’t act fast.

“Websites crash, phone lines get clogged up, some small companies won’t be receiving in time,” He said. “You may need to procure information.”

Mr Lewis urged a whole host of consumers who have had financial products which could be affected to check to see if they can get money back.

“This is a clarion call to everybody watching,” he said.

“If you have had a credit card, a loan, a mortgage, an overdraft, car finance, catalogue debt – ever – and you haven’t had PPI back, check today because a typical payout is £3,000.

“Now the deadline for most banks is 11.59pm online, some are earlier – if you go by phone or branch.

“And actually, they’ve changed what counts as starting a claim.

“Because once you start, there’s no time limit. You’ve just got to get a claim in. Actually, in most cases now, just enquiring, ‘Did I have PPI’ counts as starting a claim.”

Another word of advice which Mr Lewis has issued, is to get written confirmation of the enquiry being submitted.

He said: “If you are checking directly with your bank, ask it for a written confirmation that your enquiry has been submitted, and that this means your claim is triggered.

“If it’s on the phone or in person, make a note of the name of who you spoke to, the time of the call, and ask it to assure you the claim is triggered. Then email it to yourself so you have a time stamped contemporaneous note.

“If you’re doing it via our Resolver tool, we have it confirmed in writing from all the banks for whom a ‘check if you had PPI’ is enough, that doing it via Resolver counts.”

It’s possible to check to see if you had PPI and potentially make a claim for the mis-selling of it, for free.

Mr Lewis warned: “If you’re not sure, just fill in the details anyway and check if you had PPI.

“I’m not encouraging you to make a spurious claim, more to just get in under the line, and buy yourself more time to find out if you are due money later.

“If not, simply don’t proceed any further later.”

The Money Saving Expert founder has also pointed out that some people may still have PPI, even if they said no to it.

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