Published On: Wed, Nov 27th, 2019

Piers Morgan slams Jane Seymour’s backing of female James Bond after Daniel Craig | Films | Entertainment

It’s become something of a big debate as Daniel Craig gears up to play James Bond one last time in next year’s No Time To Die. Should the incumbent 007 be replaced by a woman?

Aside from the rumours that Lashana Lynch’s Nomi has taken on the 007 codename in No Time To Die, gender-swapping the actual character of James Bond is now something that Live and Let Die star Jane Seymour backs.

Speaking with The Mirror, the 68-year-old said: “More power to the women… why not? It’s time.

“[Bond producer] Barbara Broccoli has steered this ship quite ­brilliantly, in my opinion.

“I remember, when I did Live And Let Die, Roger Moore joined after Sean Connery and everyone said that can never happen..”

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Morgan added: “James Bond is a male name. Name me one other woman called James. 

“There aren’t any. There are no women called James.”

Reid responded: “It’s not the name that’s important though, it’s the role, 007.”

To which her co-host asserted: “Make it 004 and have a woman called Jeanetta, but don’t steal our James Bond.”

Morgan made similar comments in April when Craig himself backed a female Bond.

The No Time To Die star told the Mirror: “I think that ­everybody should be ­considered. Also for women and for African-Americans, there should be great parts anyway, across the board.”

But the Good Morning Britain host said: “James Bond was written as a man. James Bond should remain a man. James Bond is a towering monument of masculinity so why would anyone in the entire world, least of all women who all secretly fantasise about James Bond, now want him to become a woman?”

No Time To Die is released in UK cinemas on April 3, 2020.

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