Published On: Mon, Sep 2nd, 2019

PC gone mad: Furious parents launch campaign against gender-neutral school uniform | UK | News

A protest will be held this week on the first day back at Priory School in Lewes, East Sussex. It comes after the uniform policy was changed over the summer, scrapping skirts and requiring girls to wear trousers from September.

The school’s website says the new policy “addresses the current issues of inequality and decency”.

A petition against the move started by student Libby Murray has been signed 380 times.

She said: “Forcing everyone to wear trousers is limiting choice, preventing people from having the ability to choose whether to wear a skirt or trousers and therefore preventing diversity.

“It is also very bad for the environment because the old uniforms have to be thrown away, wasting old cotton uniform.

“Fast fashion is the second biggest contributor to climate change. It’s also expensive, some people can’t afford a whole new uniform for 9 months.”

One signatory commented on the petition: “If you want a gender neutral uniform then let boys wear skirts and stop limiting and mandating female choices.”

Another added: “In what other walk of life is it thought inappropriate for girls to wear skirts? Yet another way of controlling I think.”

A third wrote: “This uniform change has been repeatedly questioned by parents however pushed through with no regard for the cost & views of the parents or pupils.”

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“At the end of the day it’s about allowing girls the choice to wear trousers and skirts.”

Mr Flower and other parents have launched a GoFundMe appeal to challenge the policy legally.

He said they had been advised the new uniform could breach the Equal Opportunities Act.

On the updated dress code, the school’s website says: “This uniform has been designed specifically in response to the many issues and suggestions raised by parents, students and school staff.

“Specifically, it addresses the current issues of inequality and decency.

“We hope that it will provide a smart, comfortable and affordable alternative to the current uniform.”

Lib Dem MP Layla Moran has previously said schools should allow boys to wear skirts as part of a gender-neutral uniform.

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