Published On: Fri, Aug 23rd, 2019

Pakistan-India news: Imran Khan rules out talks with Modi as Kashmir tensions escalate | World | News

In an interview with the New York Times, the Pakistani Prime Minister expressed his anger over the situation as tensions continue to escalate. Mr Khan talked of how there had been a complete collapse in communication from Delhi’s side, what he calls constant rebuffs to his attempt to settle the dispute. He said: “There is no point in talking to them. I mean, I have done all the talking,” he told the New York Times on Wednesday. “Unfortunately, now when I look back, all the overtures that I was making for peace and dialogue, I think they took it for appeasement. There is nothing more that we can do.”

Mr Khan has taken a strong stance since Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, decided to revoke the special status Kashmir had that allowed for self-governance.

The former captain of the Pakistan cricket national team has accused Mr Modi of attempting to change the demography of Kashmir through “ethnic cleansing”.

Though nothing is certain, many fear that the clamping down on Kashmir by India has been carried out to prevent Kashmir’s Muslim majority from expressing and practicing religious freedom, which may, some have argued, amount to a genocide in the near future.

India has refuted all claims, with the Indian ambassador to the United States, Harsh Vardhan Shringla, outright rejecting Mr Khan’s criticism.

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Further, India denied claims of a skirmish between Pakistan and Indian military units last week, in which eight people were reported to have died.

The most recent tensions come after India advised tourists to leave Kashmir earlier this month due to the threat of terrorists.

The warning was was quickly followed by the deployment of over 100,000 Indian troops to the area, adding to the already 500,000 troops stationed in what is the world’s most heavily militarised area.

Shortly after, India revoked Article 370 without the consent of the Kashmiri people, effectively removing the special status Kashmir had been given following Indian and Pakistan independence in 1947.

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A total media shutdown followed, with all access to landlines, miles or internet cut-off, along with a curfew set by India for Kashmiris.

A series of political arrests were made, including Omar Abdullah, the descendant of a prominent political Kashmiri family and a former chief minister of the state.

The events in Kashmir have sparked global outrage, with a protest in London in mid August turning violent outside the Indian high Commission.

On Wednesday, a further two people were killed in a gun battle between police and protestors in Kashmir.

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