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Outlander: Jamie Fraser could cheat on Claire as new theory hints at Diana Gabaldon’s plot | Books | Entertainment

Outlander couple Jamie (played by Sam Heughan) and Claire (Caitriona Balfe) are the beating heart of author Diana Gabaldon’s time travel historic series.

The married couple have faced no shortage of trials and tribulations, and being split apart for a period of two decades. 

They’ve gone through the heartbreak of Claire taking their daughter Brianna (Sophie Skelton) back through the Stones and Frank Randall (Tobias Menzies) raising her as his own.

Not to mention Claire realising on her return to the past Jamie had married Laoghaire MacKenzie (Nell Hudson) in her absence, but despite everything, the couple have risen again stronger than before. Could the plot be set to revisit a tiny moment with Jamie that will see him betray Claire more unforgivably than ever before?

Sharing their new theory on fan site Reddit, Viviane_raposo posted: “Before meeting Brianna in this season, Jamie goes after a man for some sort of service and he isn’t home; his wife opens the door and is extremely flirtatious towards Jamie.

“It feels like something might come out of it later on but she’s just forgotten for the rest of the season.

“Do you think it was something the producers gave up but forgot to take out completely or perhaps her appearence will make sense next season?”

live-gur replied: “Oh ya! Remember this. My wife and I looked at each other like WTF was that about?

“Another WTF scene for us was when Jamie comes home from the whore house with a bite on his leg…was just a weird scene that really made zero sense as to what happened with the whore…not even sure why it was included.

Another fan was more convinced the show’s writers have intentionally tried to replicate Gabaldon’s character development for Jamie and showcase his relationship by Claire by “resistI got” temptation. But is the author actually intending to revisit these mysterious actions and have Jamie cheat on Claire before the story is done?

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It would be potentially unforgivable for a lot of fans, but it would certainly create drama.

MrsChickenPam said: “I think this is Matt/Toni & crew’s idea of ’character development’ LOL.

“They seem to like to hit us upside the head with a two-by-four and scream in our faces, ’Jamie is HOT! But he’s HONORABLE!‘

“DG weaves LITTLE stuff like this throughout the books and I think the show writers try to do it too but get carried away and are too heavy-handed.

“That, and somebody’s girlfriend wanted a bit part, is my guess.”

myeu then offered: “I think maybe it was meant to give some context to Jamie’s initial reaction to meeting Bree? He asks her what she wants, and Bree replies ‘you’.

“He reacts like ‘Here we go again’, like he did when the flirty woman invites him in. Agree it is a weird thing to include though,” the fan added. 

Time will tell if Jamie remains faithful to Claire.

Outlander book nine Go Tell The Bees That I Am Gone is expected to be released later this year or early 2020.

Outlander season five returns to STARZ February 16 and follows on Amazon Prime Video a day later.

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