Published On: Tue, Aug 27th, 2019

Ohio crash: Stolen police car kills two and injures seven children | World | News

The crash happened in Dayton, Ohio, according to WTRF. Police were responding to a stabbing in the area when a suspect jumped into the car and drove off. The suspect hit another police car before speeding through downtown Dayton.

Reports suggest seven children and five others were taken to hospital following the incident.

Three people reportedly suffered from life-threatening injuries.

Witness Tiffany Hamiel told the Dayton Daily News: “I was terrified. There were car parts flying all over the street.”

Two police officers were also reportedly injured.

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The horrifying crash comes just a day after a helicopter and plane collided in Majorca.

Three people were confirmed as dead shortly after the incident but the number of fatalities is now understood to have risen to five – and includes a child.

Two of them were travelling in the plane and the other three, a couple and a minor, were aboard the helicopter.

Emergency services are currently searching for two other possible victims.

The accident has occurred outside the airspace controlled by the air navigation manager, Enaire, in a free movement zone, indicating that the incident would have occurred below one thousand feet.

The nationalities of the victims are unknown.

Ambulances rushed to the scene to attend to those injured in the crash.

Fire services have also arrived, to help extinguish the fire generated as a result of the crash.

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