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Notting Hill Carnival: Police officers assaulted as nearly 100 people arrested | UK | News

Carnival goers partied on the streets of Notting Hill this weekend to celebrate British West-Indian culture in what was a scorching bank holiday weekend. Despite the fun, the Metropolitan Police were tasked with keeping the streets in order, a task that resulted in scores of arrests by Sunday evening. 

The Met Police said the arrests were made for offences including assaulting officers, possession of offensive weapons and drug offences.

Eleven police officers were reportedly injured and needed medical attention, with 12 people arrested on suspicion of assaulting police.

Among other arrests included 41 people in relation to drug offences, nine for possession of an offensive weapon and three for sexual offences.

A number of festival-goers also left the carnival injured or needing medical attention – several were treated for dehydration as temperatures soared to between 32C and 33C, thought to be the hottest Notting Hill Carnival ever.

Nearly 100 people arrested at Notting Hill Carnival

Nearly 100 people arrested at Notting Hill Carnival (Image: GETTY)

Eleven police officers were assaulted

Eleven police officers were assaulted (Image: GETTY)

Around a million people were estimated to have turned out for the carnival, which spans across two days and includes live musical and cultural events.

Police said the number of were due to the use of screening arches positioned to detect offensive weapons.

The screening arches were first used in 2018, and have significantly increased in presence around the area the festival is located.

Scotland Yard has not said how many arches are being used or where they would all be positioned, but described them as a “fantastic deterrent”.

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Several festival goers needed medical attention

Several festival goers needed medical attention (Image: GETTY)

The arches are a response to a spate of stabbings across London in recent years, but the Met police said not everyone attending the event would pass through the facilities.

In 2018 there were two non-life threatening stabbings over the carnival weekend and some 45 police officers were injured.

The force said it will be “taking every step to make sure that doesn’t happen this year”.

On Sunday, people, including families with buggies, walked through six arches placed on Westbourne Grove which were flanked by police officers.


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Almost 12,500 officers will attend the carnival

Almost 12,500 officers will attend the carnival (Image: GETTY)

The festival takes place over two days

The festival takes place over two days (Image: GETTY)

Almost 12,500 police officers and some 1,000 stewards will be in place across the two days.

Police officers have in the past been seen dancing with festival goers, enjoying the sunshine and upbeat environment the carnival offers.

This year, however, officers were warned not to dance with those attending the festival, so as not to distract themselves from their duties.

A superintendent stepped in to remind officers to dedicate themselves to monitoring the crowds and ensuring people are kept safe, rather than being drawn in by the enticing rhythmic Caribbean music.

Police officers were told not to dance

Police officers were told not to dance (Image: GETTY)

PC Daniel Graham went viral on social media in 2017 after he began dancing while manning barriers at the carnival.

The footage went on to be viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, who sang his praises for showing the lighter, more fun side to policing.

However, Superintendent Elisabeth Chapple, Met spokesperson for the event, told The Telegraph that officers would be focussing on crowd control this year.

“There are always going to be different views on dancing and with the music being so fantastic it’s so hard not to dance sometimes,” she said.

Nine people were arrested for weapon possession

Nine people were arrested for weapon possession (Image: GETTY)

“But we have asked officers to remember what they are there for – to keep carnival-goers safe and be vigilant. That probably means they won’t be dancing. 

“Our officers are there to keep people safe. If they are dancing and getting involved then they are less able to keep an eye on what’s going on.”

Notting Hill Carnival has splashed the streets with a range of colours and West Indian culture since 1966, attracting people from all over the UK as well as abroad to revel in the fun.

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