Published On: Fri, Aug 23rd, 2019

North Korea: Lonely subjects can now use dating up to find love | UK | News

Those wealthy enough to afford a mobile phone can end their loneliness by paying for potential romantic matches to be sent direct to their handsets. The North Korean clients looking for a romantic spark can sign up to the scheme for £25. They are then sent a set of photos of potential love interests as well as information about their life.

Users of the service can then take their pick and text the dating service to plan a meeting.

A source told the Daily NK: “In North Korea’s larger cities, phone-based matchmaking services that set up dates for men and women are appearing and they’re gaining a lot of traction among younger people.

“The business model involves specialists who maintain databases of men and women.

“The specialists provide a suitable partner match based on each client’s preferences.”

To pay for the service clients must use “mobile money” which is a a form of virtual currency used in North Korea and can be exchanged for cash.

These phone credits are becoming increasingly popular for wire transfers and payments.

The Daily NK’s source added: “Those who are looking for a date can charge phone credits and send these so-called ‘mobile money’ credits to a matchmaker who will set up a date based on the client’s preferences.”

A source said: “If you want to use a matchmaking service, you have to pay first.

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Matchmaking services in North Korea existed in the past, but the newer business model involves specialists who maintain databases of men and woman.

The information on the clients preferences is used by the specialists to provide a match for a suitable partner.

Daily NK claim the social changes taking place in the country may be the cause of rising demand for the matchmaking industry.

Dating and marriages in North Korea used to be arranged by workplaces and government agencies.

These former way of matchmaking reflected the party’s view of an ideal family.

A Ryanggang Province defector told The Daily NK: “The emergence of professional matchmakers providing dating services for young men and women reflects North Korean society becoming more open towards dating.

“The increase in marriages of romance can be seen in a similar context.”

A South Pyongan Province-based source added: “The Workers’ Party’s demand for a revolutionary date and marriage no longer works for young people.

“Instead, they turn to mobile matchmaking because they can easily meet or break off engagements with partners.”

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