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‘No deal Brexit’s ONLY way’ readers’ vow to NEVER accept deal with backstop | UK | News

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is under pressure after a shock poll found an overwhelming 82 percent (18,976) of readers said they would not accept the Withdrawal Agreement without the backstop. This compared to just 15 percent (3,272) who said they would support the Brexit deal if the Irish backstop was scrapped.

The damming results come after Mr Johnson wrote to the EU’s Donald Tusk on Monday to lay out the law and attempt to renegotiate the Brexit deal without the controversial backstop.

Mr Johnson reiterated his opposition to the Northern Irish backstop, saying he will not support any withdrawal agreement that includes it.

But his bid to break the impasse over the Irish border was flatly rejected by Mr Tusk, who warned those seeking to replace it would risk a return to a hard border on the island of Ireland.

The backstop was a stop-gap measure agreed by Mrs May in an attempt to prevent a hard border being reinstalled in Northern Ireland, a move that would have tied the UK to EU rules until a solution was found.


Brexit news

Brexit news: readers are against the backstop (Image: GETTY )

brexit news

Brexit news: readers are against the backstop (Image: APESTER/EXPRESS) commenters reflected the results of the poll, saying no deal was the only way forward and Mr Johnson must honour the referendum instead of renegotiating the deal of his predecessor.

They sent the prime minister a warning say if he didn’t deliver Brexit, the Conservative Party would be heading for a general election.

One said: “No deal is the only way or the Tories will be history at the next GE!”

Another commented: “Boris you know how the people think and what they want and that is completely out of the EU.

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brexit news

Brexit news: Boris Johnson is planning to renegotiate the WA without the backstop (Image: GETTY)

“If you don’t get us completely out of the EU then you and the Tory Party will not get elected again.

“The best your Party can hope for is that the Brexit Party take over power but the worse night mare for your Party will be the Labour Party getting into No 10, the choice is yours.”

One added: “May’s deal means we don’t leave the EU is any shape or form.”

An reader wrote: “The backstop was only one part of treason May’s sell out no deal is better than a bad deal and that was a very bad deal.”

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brexit news

Brexit news: Merkel said the UK has 30 days to come up with a Brexit solution (Image: GETTY )

brexit news

Brexit news: Boris Johnson said the backstop is ‘undemocratic’ (Image: REUTERS )

Another posted: “Just Leave. EU wont budge so removal of backstop is pointless conjecture. No Deal then.”

Today French President Emmanuel Macron told Mr Johnson there was not enough time in the month ahead to negotiate a new Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

His remarks came after German Chancellor Angela Merkel challenged Britain to come up with alternatives to the Irish border backstop within 30 days – a challenge which Mr Johnson readily accepted.

He said he was “more than happy” with the timetable proposed by his German counterpart.

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Brexit news: The five steps that led to Brexit (Image: EXPRESS)

Mr Johnson said: ”I must say I am very glad listening to you tonight Angela to hear that at least the conversations that matter can now properly begin.

“You have set a very blistering timetable of 30 days – if I understood you correctly, I am more than happy with that.”

But Mr Johnson told Mrs Merkel that the backstop would have to go as part of further discussions – or else Britain was prepared to leave without a deal.

Speaking following his meeting with Mr Johnson, Mr Macron said: “What Chancellor Merkel said yesterday, and which is in line with the substance of our talks, is that we need visibility in 30 days.

brexit news

Brexit news: The Irish border has been a contentious issue in Brexit talks (Image: PA)

“Nobody is going to wait until October 31 without trying to find a good solution.”

Mr Macron said the Withdrawal Agreement and Irish backstop were “not just technical constraints or legal quibbling” but are “genuine, indispensable guarantees” to preserve stability in Ireland the integrity of the single market.

But he said the EU had “always said that it was available to discuss, depending on the wishes of the UK, our future relationship”.

23,164 readers took part in the poll, which launched on Tuesday and closed at 12.19pm on Thursday.

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