Published On: Thu, Aug 29th, 2019

Nicola Sturgeon hits out at Ruth Davidson as SNP leader blasts outgoing Scottish Tory | UK | News

Speaking to Sky News after the announcement of Ruth Davidson’s resignation as leader of the Scottish Conservative Party, the First Minister claimed she will work very hard towards stealing Tory seats in the Scottish Parliament at the next election. She argued Ms Davidson’s decision to resign in light of her disagreement with Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Brexit – as well as her family commitments – will give more weight to her party’s campaign for independence.

But the First Minister was promptly confronted by the Sky News host on the possibility of being forced to join the eurozone once applying to become a member of the EU as a third party.

The Sky News host asked: “If there is no deal on the 31st and Scotland becomes independent, you would need to apply to rejoin as a third party and you’d have to do so with the willingness, for instance, to adopt the euro as Scotland’s currency.”

The First Minister began replying: “These are the issues that the Scottish people are very informed about because we’ve debated them for independence.”

But the host interrupted her with an even more direct question: “Do the people of Scotland want the euro?”

Ignoring important EU rules obliging new member states to join the eurozone once certain economic criteria are met by the third country, Ms Sturgeon said: “The people of Scotland don’t want the euro and the people of Scotland will not have to join the euro.

“The point I was making is that the people of Scotland are very well informed about these discussions.

“There is nothing in the European Union that can force any country in the euro against its will.

“Take Sweden, a country that joined after all these so-called obligations were in place is still not in the euro and it’s got no intentions of going in the euro.

“And everybody knows it can’t be forced into the euro.”

She added: “People are less likely than they were in 2014 to be susceptible to this kind of scaremongering.”

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