Published On: Thu, Aug 15th, 2019

Narendra Modi vs Imran Khan: What will happen to Kashmir as Modi vows restore ‘past glory’ | World | News

Prime Minister Narendra Modi sent thousands of Indian troops into the Kashmir region following last Monday. The move followed the revocation of Article 370, which grants Kashmir status as an autonomous region. The revocation has caused widespread outrage in Kashmir.

The Prime Minister said his decision to strip Indian-administered Kashmir of its special status will help to restore the region to its “past glory”, and that Kashmir will play an “important role” in India’s future.

The Associated Press reports Kashmir is facing its eleventh day today in a security lockdown and communications blackout.

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has publicly criticised Prime Minister Modi’s move.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said: “The world’s eye is on Kashmir and on Pakistan.

“Whatever was done during the curfew by India, we will tell the international community that you are responsible.

“Whichever forum we get, I will be the ambassador and bring up Kashmir at every forum.”

In a speech given on India’s Independence Day, Modi addressed the public: “In the past 70 years, the existed system in Jammu and Kashmir encouraged terrorism, nepotism, corruption.

“It deprived the disadvantaged section of the society, including women, children, and tribals equal rights.

“India will continue to fight against terrorism and expose those who support or export terror. Terrorism is against humanity.”

Modi has received strong support for the move from people in other regions of India.

However, many Kashmiris fear the new law, which will allow any person to buy land in Kashmir, will change the demography in the Muslim-majority state.

Along with the shutdown has come the imprisonment of high profile political figures.

There are thought to be around 43,000 Indian troops now suppressing protests in Kashmir.

Kashmir is located in the northernmost region of the Indian subcontinent.

India and Pakistan became independent from Britain in 1947.

Before the move by Prime Minister Modi to remove Kashmir’s special status, Kashmir had been partitioned between India and Pakistan.

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