Published On: Thu, Aug 22nd, 2019

Mother breastfed on ‘dirty’ train floor after ‘selfish’ commuters refused to give up seats | UK | News

Sophie Molineux, 22, was furious after she claimed 50 commuters gave her “blank expressions so they didn’t have to give up their seat” on the busy train journey from Shropshire to Ludlow. She said she and partner Rob Moore were forced to stand in the aisle and take turns holding their child, Chester, throughout the 30-minute journey. The mother-of-one then shared a picture of her breastfeeding her son on the floor of the carriage.

Ms Molineux, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, told The Sun: “I was so shocked. There were around 50 people in the carriage and not one person moved.

“We were stood in the aisle with seats either side of us so both sides of the train could see us stood there and no-one moved.

“Chester’s now at an age that when he wants to breastfeed he just tugs at my top and makes it very obvious, it was one of those where I just had to breastfeed him.

“Obviously I’d rather not sit on the dirty floor of a moving train breastfeeding him, it wasn’t the nicest place, but I didn’t really have much choice.

“When I sat down on the floor there were people walking past going to the toilet and they would look and see that I was breastfeeding but no-one offered us a seat.

“They just looked at me acknowledging what I was doing and then giving a blank expression.

“It was almost like they were not wanting to draw too much attention to themselves because they didn’t want to offer me their seat.”

“There were so many people able on that train to stand up I was surprised when we came in with a young baby that didn’t want to be in his pram that no-one offered us a seat.

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She added: “I was more concerned about Chester’s safety.

“I’m fairly confident about breastfeeding in public but I would probably have felt more uncomfortable about the situation if my partner hadn’t have been with me.

“I just hope that people might be a bit more considerate in future, it should just be common sense to give up your seat for a child.”

The news comes after a diner called the police on a mother breastfeeding herb by in a cafe in the US.

A female customer reported the other woman for not covering up her breast while feeding her child.

But attitudes towards breastfeeding are beginning to change with the subject becoming less of a taboo over recent years.

Australian senator Larissa Waters made political history by breastfeeding in the federal parliament two years ago.

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