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Michael Jackson had SECRET will Where did all THE money go? | Music | Entertainment

Raymone Bain was Micheal Jackson’s publicist for the eight years leading up to his death on June 25, 2009. In a dramatic public statement, she revealed the superstar had drawn up a secret will in 2006. Bain also contested the received wisdom that the King of Pop died bankrupt due to drastic overspending and falling revenues. In a startling press conference in Washington, Bain took aim at the recent Leaving Neverland documentary about her boss’ alleged sexual abuse of minors and constantly dropped in references to the likes of Princess Diana and Elizabeth Taylor before calling on President Trump to help.

Bain said: “Michael Jackson has been a victim since his death, over and over again, and it’s time for it to stop.

“It is morally, ethically and legally wrong. But how much blame should the estate, whose job it is to preserve and protect Michael’s legacy, take? What is the standard of behaviour?

“We constantly read after his death that Michael died $500million in debt. Unsubstantiated. Didn’t Michael own the Beatles’ back catalogue? Bob Dylon, Ray Charles and some of Elvis’ recordings? Didn’t he sell out 50 shows in a 24-hour period?”

Bain revealed she had witnessed a secret will drawn up in 2006 which detailed how Jackson really wanted his money used after his death. 

Bain said: “You haven’t heard much from me for 10 years. They asked me to speak up about certain matters regarding Michael Jackson. Do I like the direction the estate has taken over the last few years? The allegations about Michael Jackson and whether his legacy has been protected and maintained over the last 10 years?”

“As well as his publicist, I was his music licensing woman. I held four powers of attorney, including Neverland Ranch and several bank accounts.

“He was methodical, thorough and precise. I have hoped and prayed that MJ’s will, dated 2006, would be found because in it he outlined how he wanted his legacy preserved.”

“I don’t have it, I don’t know where it is and we have to deal with the hand we’re dealt. But I’ve had the honour of sitting with him and the notary. In the 10 years since his death, I know of no scholarship to any college in his name, or music studio, university or hospital.”

There was audible laughter in the conference room when Baon went on to make her appeal to President Trump.

She said: “Michael considered him a very close friend and he said to me on many occasions that Mr Trump was one of the few people who never turned his back on him and who was there to help him during his trial. I would love to be able to ask the President to help find Michael Jackson’s 2006 will and reopen what is going on with regards to Michael Jackson’s death.”

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