Published On: Tue, Oct 29th, 2019

Melania Trump news: FLOTUS trolled for controversial Halloween Twitter post | World | News

The First Lady and her husband, US President Donald Trump, could be seen handing out candy for the White House’s annual Halloween celebration. Trick-or-treaters were hosted by the Trumps on Monday night as the White House’s South Lawn was transformed into a haunted forest with black trees, hundreds of pumpkins and rolling white fog. The White House live streamed the annual Halloween event on Twitter where it was met with a waves of criticism towards the First Lady and her husband.

One Twitter user wrote on social media: “Finally a celebration they are fit for. Our POTUS and FLOTUS are the scariest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Barbara Lommen tweeted: “They are pretty scary.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “I’ll admit it has felt scary since he has been in office.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Finally! A job within Trump’s capabilities to accomplish without embarrassing the nation!”

Bruce Kanin posted on Twitter: “Bet lots of kids come dressed as Articles of Impeachment!”

Some Twitter users pointed out how Melania and her husband were celebrating Halloween two days early.

One social media posted: “Halloween is not today, they do know that right?”

Mary Rose Adler shared on Twitter: “Anyone tell them that it’s not Halloween yet. I don’t know who’s worse – retail stores putting out Halloween stuff in the middle of summer, or the Trumps handing out candy before Halloween.”

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Kimberley Stirdivant commented on the video, she said: “They don’t need costumes. They’re scary enough.”

One Twitter user wrote: “Awh they didn’t even have to dress up to be demons for Halloween.”

Another Twitter user wrote: “No costumes required – the horror is real and daily, Halloween or not.”

Other Twitter users commented on Melania and her husband’s interactions with the children.

A social media user posted: “Never seen two people look so uncomfortable around kids. They both are stiff as a board. Melania is no better than him.”

Another wrote: “Well, awkward. Sorry kiddos.”

Some Twitter users revelled in the moment when one small child ignored the President completely.

Brian W wrote on Twitter: “First little girl says, uh uh, do not want candy from you!”

Despite the onslaught of attacks, fans of the Trumps shared in the celebrations.

A Twitter user wrote: “Awesome! Those children will have a Blast. How fun and what an Honour to be at the White House with our POTUS Donald Trump and our First Lady.”

Jean Pierre Simoneau wrote on Twitter: “Keeping America great again, one Kit-Kat at a time. Thank you!”

Mary Elizabeth wrote: “President Trump and First Lady Melania are so sweet! Happy Halloween!“

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