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Melania Trump news: FLOTUS’ shocking advice during Trump election campaign | World | News

The future First Lady was revealed to have told her husband to “tone” his image down. Her revelation came during a 2015 ABC News interview with Barbara Walters alongside Trump. Ms Walters asked: “Do you give your husband any advice on the debates?”

The future First Lady replied: “We discuss it, I tell him my opinions.”

In response to this Ms Walters asked for an example on a piece of advice she had given her husband.

Melania said: “I wish to keep that private.”

Trump responded by saying during his debates, Melania was very happy with his performance.

He added: “But she said, you could tone it down a little bit on occasions which I understand.”

Ms Walters highlighted the criticisms Trump faced for his attitude towards women during campaigning.

The journalist went on to ask if Trump’s “disparaging remarks about women” bothered Melania.

She added: “He treats everybody the same, he talked about men as well not only about the women.

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The future First Lady added: “To be with my husband you need to know who you are, you need to have a very independent life as well.

“And for supporting him, you need to be smart and quick and to be there for him when he needs you.”

Ms Walters also asked the couple if they felt it was a marriage of equals.

Melania and Trump disagreed, he said that he felt she was far “far greater than the 50 percent”.

The future First Lady lamented over the amount of Donald’s time the campaign took up but the couple insisted they were homebodies at heart.

Melania said: “When he comes home, we spend time together the two of us.

“Just being at home because that’s really quality time together.”

Speaking about the campaign, Ms Walters told Melania it was a pleasure to see her as she didn’t make much of an appearance on Trump’s trail.

Melania revealed to the journalist it was her choice to be involved.

She said: “I support my husband 100 percent but we have a nine year old child together.”

Melania and Trump’s son, Barron, is now 13.

The future First Lady added: “I’m raising him and this is the age he needs a parent at home.”

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