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According to the White House, the First Lady will visit Wyoming on Thursday to visit some of America’s “treasured national parks” to spread the message of BeBest. One of the pillars of the BeBest initiative is wellbeing, and encourages children to get a national park pass in order to spend time outdoors and learn more about America’s natural beauty. The press release said: “In her time as First Lady, Mrs Trump has been a strong proponent of preserving national treasures so that people may enjoy and appreciate their historic value to the nation for generations to come.

“In addition to speaking with children about the value of getting out in nature and our national parks, this trip will highlight a few historic natural landmarks.”

The announcement was tweeted, along with the press release, by Melania’s spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham.

She wrote: “@Flotus will travel to beautiful #Wyoming Thursday. Mrs Trump will meet with children and encourage them to spend more time outdoors & learn about our amazing National Parks.”

Melania will fly into Jackson Hole and spend two days visiting Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks.

Melania is planning to link her BeBest campaign with national parks

Melania is planning to link her BeBest campaign with national parks (Image: Getty Images)

Melania's campaign received criticism due to Trump's stance on the environment

Melania’s campaign received criticism due to Trump’s stance on the environment (Image: Getty Images)

This comes as Trump received more criticism and accusations of disregarding the environment and climate change.

Melania’s visit to promote national parks also comes shortly after her husband was hit with an open impeachment inquiry, and faced criticism for mocking 16-year-old climate advocate Greta Thunberg.

Trump ordered an investigation into 27 national monuments in 2017.

It recommended the Trump administration downsize at least four national monuments and modify 10 of them.

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Melania was at a ribbon cutting at the Washington Monument

Melania was at a ribbon cutting at the Washington Monument (Image: Getty Images)

An internal report last month found the President’s proposed wall along the US-Mexico border could damage and destroy many artifacts in Arizona’s Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

Melania retweeted Ms Grisham’s post which sparked a tirade of criticism from social media users which highlighted the irony of her initiative with Trump’s controversial stances on national parks.

One Twitter user said: “Will she explain why they’re so much smaller now as Trump gives mining, oil extraction and logging rights away to his donors?”

Lori Knight wrote to Melania on Twitter: “You mean visit the National Parks her husband is destroying? #behonest.”


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The First Lady will visit Yellowstone

The First Lady will visit Yellowstone (Image: Getty Images)

Melania will also visit Grand Teton national park

Melania will also visit Grand Teton national park (Image: Getty Images)

Cheryle Johnson replied to Melania saying: “Would those be the parks disappearing as her husband opens them up for business exploitation, or the program dropped for inner city kids to learn about nature?”

Another Twitter user suggested Trump has “no connection to nature” and only goes outside to play golf.

Another Twitter user said: “The children can watch the destruction of our amazing National Parks due to her husband’s rolling back protections.

“They can watch drilling, fracking, dynamiting, & hundred year old trees being chopped down. What a fun day for the kids!”

Trump family tree

Trump family tree (Image: Daily express)

Last month Melania attended a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Washington Monument which was also met with anger from social media users.

@Sandi-fish tweeted: “Your husband is destroying National Parks. Drilling in them, destroying them and polluting them.”

Another twitter user, @Longviewsky, posted: “And thank you and your husband for opening our beautiful national lands to mining and drilling and commercial ruination.

“Great job of making those national parks a parking lot for industry and not saving them for our children.”

Trump's US-Mexico border wall could damage Arizona's Organ Pipe Cactus

Trump’s US-Mexico border wall could damage Arizona’s Organ Pipe Cactus (Image: Getty Images)

@SeattleShrink commented: “Your tyrant husband is doing all he can to spoil our national parks and forests.”

Lisa Du Chateau wrote on Twitter: “So why is your husband taking $$ away from the parks?”

Despite the criticism Melania received, she also garnered strong praise from a number of social media users.

Deena Lynne Levy wrote on Twitter that she believed Melania “exemplifies #BeBest” for the US everyday and wished her a “safe and wonderful trip”.

Rhonda Kazmierski added: “This is so important! Try to take some time to enjoy the beautiful state of Wyoming, and as always, I wish you Godspeed.”

Melania has avoided commenting on Trump’s more controversial policies, but has drawn attention for appearing to disagree with him on cyberbullying and now national parks.

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