Published On: Thu, Oct 17th, 2019

Melania Trump news: Emotional FLOTUS makes devastating confession about Donald’s life | World | News

In a rare interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, the FLOTUS shared stories about her life with the US President. But in an emotional moment when quizzed about what the real Donald was like, Melania made a stunning confession. She was asked by Mr Hannity: “What would you want America to know about him behind the scenes that maybe they don’t see or know?

“That maybe the media would never portray about him?”

Melania replied: “He’s fighting for America and the American people everyday.

“He wants to govern the right way.

“Sometimes it’s tough because you can see the media wants to bash and focus on negativity.”

In the same interview, Melania mocked Donald after admitting she didn’t agree with the tone of some of his Twitter posts.

She also opened up on her life and how it has changed since becoming the First Lady of the US.

Trump rose to office in 2016 after a shock victory over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

As part of her role, Melania set up the BeBest campaign, which is designed to curb online and cyber bullying.

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When asked whether she had ever stopped him by Mr Hannity, she said: “I said to him I don’t think you need to put that out but in the end it’s his decision.

“He knows the consequences.

“He’s an adult – but he’s a fighter.”

In another admission she recalled how different her life is now and the need for “very thick skin”.

She said: “It’s incredible especially when you think about it.

“When you think about it, your life, where you were born and life, all the steps you took.

“I took a lot of steps and it’s not just like you learn a lot on the way here.

“You need to have very thick skin.”

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