Published On: Fri, Oct 11th, 2019

Melania Trump news: Donald wife wears grey after tennis Twitter mockery

Melania Trump, wife of President Donald Trump, appeared at an event at the White House yesterday.

She was there to meet teens who shared their experiences vaping with e-cigarettes.

The First Lady warned the trend for e-cigs could “get out of control.”

Tweeting about the event later Melania wrote: “ Thank you to the @truthinitiative teens for joining me today & sharing your experiences w/ vaping.

“It exposed just how invasive these dangerous products have become in our schools & communities. I’m listening & will continue tackling this important issue. #BeBest”

For the event the mother of one wore a business like grey dress and snake skin heels.

The minimalist look was accessorised by just neutral maker up, with a slick of subtle coral lipgloss.

Melania looked calm and put together despite some criticism on Twitter recently.

The First Lady faced a slew of negative responses when she tweeted about a new tennis pavilion at the White House.

She wrote: “I am pleased to announce the ground breaking of a new tennis pavilion on the White House grounds. This structure will be a testament to American craftsmanship and skill.

“It is my hope that this private space will function as both a place of leisure and a gathering place for future First Families. Thank you to the many talented people involved for their dedication and support.”

Twitter users were not impressed. One wrote: “Here’s the thing, Melania. I’m fine with this upgrade to the tennis court. JFK added a pool, Nixon did a bowling alley. I get it, and it looks nice.

“However, inappropriate tweet while the headline is bombs are being dropped on our allies, including children. That’s all.#bebest.”

“Glad she’s focusing on the big issues of our time,” another wrote.

One more said: “A tennis court??? Are you serious???”

However, the First Lady still had fans. One wrote: “I am glad that @FLOTUS brought beauty and class back to OUR Whitehouse!”

An expert has revealed how Melania Trump has changed since becoming First Lady. 

Reviewing Melania’s speeches from the beginning of Donald’s presidency until now, James Bryce CEO of gweek, the category leader of Speech Intelligence, explained she has stuck with some of the same tactics.

He told “There is very little change between different clips – which in itself suggests that she has persisted with a rehearsed and scripted approach.”

Because of this, listeners have not been able to get a sense of Melania in her speeches as she appeared to favour rehearsed speeches.

“With this approach, she’ll find it difficult to inject her full personality into her delivery, due to her reliance on a tele-prompter,” James added.

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