Published On: Thu, Aug 22nd, 2019

Melania Trump: Latest news as FLOTUS savaged by Bette Midler in online poem | World | News

The 73-year-old actress posted a crude poem she wrote “from” Melania that involved sexual acts between the two and also mocked Melania’s accent. The controversial poem created a Twitterstorm as social media users shared their thoughts on Midler’s poem. Her poem started with: “Each day I’m filled with the hope.

“That #Donald won’t be such a Dope.”

Many of Midler’s fans responded positively to the comedian and singer’s “talented” writing.

One Twitter user, @justinme84, said: “You are an inspiration. Go Bette go!

“Keep doing what you do best! #sharethelove.”

Another fan Tweeted: “Well done! Queen Bette.”

@GoodgoodGabi posted: “Bette, you are a talented writer.”

David Sauder said on Twitter: “You’re a genius Ms M. You are my favourite Tweeter.”

Midler’s poem didn’t go down will with other Twitter users as she sparked a barrage of outrage.

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Midler also Tweeted a poem she wrote about President Trump and his family being hung “goof and high”, she later deleted the Tweet.

This isn’t the first time Midler has decided to troll Melania on Twitter.

Last November she mocked Melania in a response to one of the First Lady’s modelling pictures.

She received severe backlash on Twitter for body shaming Trump’s third wife.

Bianca Golden Tweeted: “Wow, just wow. I would like to think you understand the shaming we already endure and rise above this. Way to be a part of the problem.”

Midler recently had to apologise after another of her risky tweets caused Twitter fury.

The Hawaiian born songwriter posted a racially insensitive Tweet about feminism.

She claimed the word “Woman” is like the “N-Word” for the world.

Midler tried to defend the Tweet before deleting it altogether.

She apologised a few hours later saying: “I am an ally and stand with you; always have. And I apologise.”

Midler is best known by later generations for her role in children’s halloween film “Hocus Pocus”.

She began her professional career in several Off-Broadwa shows.

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