Published On: Thu, Oct 31st, 2019

Melania Trump latest: FLOTUS attacked on Twitter after visit to school | World | News

The First Lady, and wife of US President Donald Trump, visited Lambs Elementary School in North Charleston to promote her Be Best campaign and Red Cross Pillowcase Project. Melania shared images of her visit to see the youngsters on her Twitter page, she put the caption: “Thank you for the warm welcome and for stressing the importance of emergency preparedness. “Red Cross Pillowcase Project is a youth focused program that mentally and physically prepares our youth for emergencies. Great work being done in this community! #BeBest.”

The post was met with waves of angry tweets from Melania’s critics.

One irate teacher said they would not want to let Melania into her classroom because she “is not an example I want my students to emulate”.

Margery tweeted: “FLOTUS is useless.”

Another claimed the kids deserved better than Melania and her “Be Best farce”.

Some angry Twitter users felt there were more important things for Melania and her husband to focus on, in particular the Californian wild fires.

Christopher Marshburn said: “Why won’t you and Donald Trump go to California where children are facing real emergencies from one of the worst fire events in the state’s history.”

Jillian Joy wrote to Melania on social media: “Spend some time and effort addressing the devastating fires in California.

“Despicable that you and your husband don’t care one little bit.”

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A common theme among the tweets was for Melania to focus her BeBest campaign towards issues closer to home.

One person posted on Twitter: “Tattoo ‘Be Best’ on your forehead, so your hubby can se it everyday.

“Maybe he can practice what you are preaching. Praying for you.”

Susan William’s commented on the post, she said: “Why can’t she practice ‘Be Best’ with her husband?”

Kathy Curley wrote on Twitter: “Teach hubby about Be Best.”

Janet McMonagle said: “You are trying your best, but you are tied to a horrible legacy.”

Despite the backlash, many took to Twitter to share praise of Melania and her work.

Gertrude Giesbrecht tweeted: “You are doing wonderful work with children, Melania!”

Judy Burdge wrote to Melania on Twitter: “Love your energy and your amazing husband. Our President.”

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