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Melania Trump: How First Lady shared insight into Barron’s relationship with Donald | World | News

The 2015 interview with People magazine was Melania’s first interview since her husband announced he was running to be US President. The Trumps have managed to keep their son mostly out of the limelight, but the future First Lady let slip that Barron likes golf, much like his father. Reflecting on her only child’s numerous interests, she said: “He wants to be a golfer, a businessman, a pilot.”

Melania added: “It’s that age when you introduce him to stuff.”

Meanwhile, the President owns numerous golf courses including one in Scotland he regularly visits.

He has even been criticised for reportedly playing golf a lot during his Presidency – according to CNN, he golfed 92 times in his first year.

As well as this revelation, Melania claimed to be hands-on mother, who helps her son with his homework and takes him to after school activities.

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FLOTUS, who was born and grew up in Slovenia, said she is raising Barron to be bilingual and that he regularly talks to his grandmother over the phone in Slovenian.

Melania’s mother Amalija Knauss was a fashion designer and her father Viktor a car dealer.

However, she emphasised that she supports the now-President’s view on foreign languages.

She said: “My opinion is that the more languages you speak the better, but when you come to America, you speak English.”

“I went to their high school graduations and college graduations, so we know each other for a long time.”

Melania, 49, was referring to Ivana Trump’s children Donald Jnr, 41, Ivanka, 37, Eric, 35 and Marla Maples’ daughter Tiffany, 25. 

The  future First Lady insisted she is “not a yes person”, a trait that her husband reportedly likes about her.

She said: “I’m my own person. I’m not a yes person. So I tell it as it is.”

She added: “I tell my opinions and I was always like that. So I think he likes that.”

Mr Trump chimed in to say that he thinks Melania would be “an amazing representative for our country”.

He added that he could see Melania getting involved with issues around women’s health.

The future President added: “She’s an elegant person with a very big heart.

“She’s very calm and confident, very warm and beautiful.”

Melania has remained loyal to her husband’s rhetoric over the past few years and even in 2015 said she agreed with his hardline stance on immigration.

She said: “I went through a whole long process [to become a citizen].

“It didn’t even cross my mind to just stay here. I think people should follow the law.”

When asked about her personal interests, Melania said she enjoys fashion, magazines, tennis and pilates.

She explained: “My mother was a fashion designer, so it was always in my blood.”

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