Published On: Thu, Aug 22nd, 2019

Melania Trump: Heartbreaking reason liberal elite can’t stand US First lady revealed | World | News

Political commentator and writer Jadan Horyn revealed that Melania Trump’s steadfast and determined attitude as First Lady has upset the political left. He explained that Melania has engaged with the role of First Lady on “her own terms” and “beats to her own drum” in relation to convention. New York-based Mr Horyn explained this on US Radio show AM 970 The Answer while referencing his latest article for Metropolitan Magazine.

He said: “I submitted a cultural piece which is published in the Metropolitan Magazine.

“They said we have this really high profile subject this month and we have set up some calls, we’d like you to take notes on the call and then write the piece.

“They ask if I was interested and at the time didn’t tell me who it was.

“I said sure absolutely, I have a lot of free time.

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“So he sets it up and low and behold it is for our First Lady.

“I think that with a lot of people, whether you are a fan of her or not is very fair.

“That she has done the job of First Lady on her terms, not on America’s terms.

“Because the office of First Lady is the last place we expect a woman to be a woman in the traditional 1950s sense.

Mr Horyn’s complimentary article closed with an uplifting take on the future of America thanks to the confidence and demeanour of Melania Trump.

He wrote: “Melania is the living proof of the promises of our nation.

Donald Trump respects Melania, deeply in a way that has rarely, if ever, been seen elsewhere in his personal or professional life as President

“It is this respect for her strength that allows Melania to accept the position of First Lady on her terms, not America’s or her husband’s.

“That kind of autonomy isn’t something that happens in any White House, a modern-day First Lady with a strength of will that deserves the respect of our entire nation.”

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