Published On: Wed, Aug 14th, 2019

Melania Trump bombshell: FLOTUS exposed in unauthorised biography set for release | World | News

The First Lady’s life will be written about by CNN’s East Wing correspondent Kate Bennett in the book. But details surrounding what will be included are still under wraps. The tone of the book is likely to follow on from CNN’s documentary, ‘Woman of Mystery: Melania Trump’.

The new book is satirically named ‘Free, Melania’ after a viral trend where the public have suggested she needs to be “freed” from her role.

Ms Bennett shared the news of the impending release on her Twitter which sparked a flurry of comments from users.

While some “can’t wait to read it”, others savaged the book branding it a “pity party for Melania”.

One said: “It will be a short book.”

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Another added: “Free Melania?? She is very much where she wants to be!”

To which, someone explained the point of the comma in the title.

The biography comes after an expert revealed Melania is at a huge “disadvantage” to her predecessors based on the size of her staff.

One expert on CNN’s special report on Melania explained how Donald’s wife differs to Michelle Obama and Laura Bush.

Author of First Women, Kate Andersen Brower told CNN: “Michelle Obama had like 25 or 30, Laura Bush had upwards of 20.

“So, to have less than half the number of people working for you put you at a tremendous disadvantage.

“It also send a message about how much you’re willing to do and how much you want to do.”

Melania’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, added: “That was done by design by Mrs Trump.

“First of all, it’s fiscally more responsible when you have a staff of our size.

“Also she is so big on quality over quantity.”

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