Published On: Mon, Aug 26th, 2019

Meghan Markle vs Kate Middleton: How Fab Four was doomed to fail from the start | Royal | News

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are totally different people; while the Duchess of Sussex was already largely a household name before she met Harry, her counterpart Kate was not. So Meghan will likely have many more opinions on how they should promote their Sussex brand, while the Duchess of Cambridge is likely to follow tradition and protocol more – given she will one day be the Queen. Despite their differences, royal fans were keen to see the two glamorous women getting on – and the famous Fab Four photo taken at Christmas in 2017 provided endless joy for those looking for any sign of friendship. Since then, however, the relationship has spiralled out of control – and one expert reveals why.

Royal commentator Richard Fitzwilliams spoke to about the rumoured feud, in which he revealed the Fab Four friendship was always going to be too “impractical” to last.

He said: “A series of rumours began last year that there had been disagreements between the Cambridges and the Sussexes and reports of incidents, the tiara, the way Meghan was supposed to treat staff etc.

“These are still disputed but their separation from Kensington Palace to go to Frogmore Cottage and the split in the Royal Foundation destroyed the myth of “the Fab Four”, which was probably always impractical.

“It was clear they [Meghan and Harry] wanted to do things their way and draw the line between “public” and “private” in a new way as their future would be different and undoubtedly more independent.”

The royal expert also claimed the Sussexes feel “restricted by conventional royal life” – which could form another reason for their split with Wills and Kate, who are much more bound to tradition and convention given William’s position in line to the throne.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were said to have been caught off guard, as his then bride-to-be maintained a “stony” silence.

The speech appeared to have hit home, as the following day Kate and Wills took a bunch of flowers to Meghan the next day, the Mail’s source claimed.

And royal commentator Duncan Larcombe offered a different theory, suggesting the pair’s friendship would never work as they are such different people.

Speaking to Fabulous Digital, Duncan said: “They [Prince Harry and Meghan] are actively trying to create their own team.

“Kate fell into the royal family over a long period of time. Who would Kate be without Prince William? She certainly wouldn’t be well-known.

“Meghan without Harry would have been well-known, so she’s bound to have more opinions about her PR, how they promote themselves as a couple, what they do with their kids.”

He added: “Meghan is no shrinking violet, she’s not going to sit back and take Harry’s lead on everything.

“She had a million followers on Instagram before she met Harry. Kate didn’t. So there’s going to be a difference.”

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