Published On: Wed, Sep 25th, 2019

Meghan Markle news: Piers Morgan attacked on Twitter over anti-Sussex post | Royal | News

The Good Morning Britain host put a picture of Meghan and Harry on his Twitter and Instagram page of the couple during their royal tour in Africa. He captioned the image: “Do you think Harry wishes he was back playing naked billiards in Vegas?” The post caused a wave of criticism aimed at Piers for “spilling nothing but hatred” in defence of the royal couple.

Twitter user @MandrakeMoon said on Twitter: “He probably wishes that you’d stop talking about him to be honest.”

Robert Enns replied saying: “Give it a rest Piers. It only reflects on you, not him.”

Steve Ryan tweeted Piers saying: “Think he’s grown up now. Suggest you do to piers.”

Vinny Osborne attacked Piers saying: “For someone who speaks out against bullying; your treatment of Harry and Meghan is nothing short of bullying.”

Rachel Henderson wrote on Twitter: “The British media needs to leave this couple alone for goodness sakes enough is enough.”

Some Twitter users reconfirmed their theory on Piers’ obsession with the Duchess over his regular verbal lashings of her.

Ron Wiltshire tweeted: “Couldn’t resist having a go could you , you really must seek help for this obsession as it is not healthy!”

Another Twitter user wrote: “Piers Morgan just doesn’t like Megan because she ghosted him.

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“It’s so easy to talk behind people’s back!

“So many envious mean people!”

@Judyinrichmond said on Twitter: “I think he is happy just where he is.”

Another Twitter user said: “Seems they are fine and many are pleased to welcome them?”

Many Twitter users claimed to have reported Piers’ Tweet.

One Twitter user said: “I think this tweet should be reported, how disrespectful!”

Another replied saying: “Unblocked him to see his offensive tweet. Reported & blocked again.”

Despite the criticism many social media users agreed with Piers’ accusations.

Alex Wirral wrote to Piers on Twitter saying: “Weirdly I had so much more respect for Harry when he was naked and drunk than right now.”

Bill Singh replied to Piers’ post saying: “This life does not suit the guy, he needs to get back to Vegas.”

Another Twitter user said: “He always came across as a fun character and game for a laugh. Really miserable these days.”

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