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Meghan Markle news: Meghan’s past ‘toughened her up’ and helped become a Duchess | Royal | News

Meghan worked hard to get to where she is today by taking on causes she cared about and “toughening up” during her acting years, the creator and writer of Royalty said. Melanie Greene, who has created a series of upcoming children books and an animated show called Royalty, heavily inspired by Meghan and Prince Harry’s love story, believes Meghan didn’t simply become a Duchess by marrying into royalty. 

In fact, while luck played a big role in Meghan and Harry’s love story, Mrs Greene believes the former actress has stacked up skills and experiences before meeting the prince which turned out to be vital as a member of the Royal Family.

She exclusively told “The acting industry is very difficult and harsh, you need to be really good and determined to get a role, to make a name in this industry.

“When you go from audition to audition, you got to be tough, you got to believe in yourself, and have to know that you can do it.

“When you go in front of a camera, you don’t get the chance to be weak or frail. 

“You can see it, she is tough, she has done work and she is very kind-hearted.

“Meghan made it to what she is and she can now inspire people saying ‘yes you can’, you too can achieve your dreams.”

While working in a competitive industry has shaped Meghan’s personalities, her long-lasting interests and desire to do good has surely made an impact on Prince Harry, Mrs Greene said. 

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She continued: “This girl was speaking out for women and children when she was only a teenager, there are videos of her speaking at the UN way before meeting Harry.

“This is not a passion she picked up now that she is a Duchess, she worked very hard to provide, in one way or another, a platform for others.

“I think that’s the spirit that Harry probably picked up immediately from the day they met, her golden heart, her being very kind-hearted.”


Meghan and Harry met at a blind date organised by a friend in common, believed to be fashion designer Misha Nonoo, during the summer of 2016.

Their relationship was made public by the Sunday Express in October of the same year, which pushed Prince Harry to release a rare statement, where he confirmed he was dating the then-actress starring in TV legal drama Suits and urged members of the public and the press to give Meghan privacy and refrain from attacking her.

But years before meeting Harry, Meghan had demonstrated an interest in causes she can now support as a Duchess.

When she was only 11, she wrote a letter to the then US First Lady, Hillary Clinton, a TV presenter and an attorney to complain about a sexist advertisement. 

Years later, in 2015, she gave a speech to the UN focused on gender equality.

Today the Duchess of Sussex has focused her charitable work on helping

Mrs Greene’s series of book and animated TV show is a “thank you” to Prince Harry and Meghan, two members of the Royal Family she sees as role models for their desire to do good and be simply good people and good parents. 

She said: “This series is my way to say thank you, we celebrate you.

“They achieved the goals they wanted to achieve.

“They want to live their lives and just be people.

“So we are reaching out to them and saying thank you.”    

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