Published On: Sat, Aug 31st, 2019

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This will be the first time Meghan has stayed at Balmoral, and shows The Queen’s favour towards the new Duchess. Archie Mountbatten Windsor, Meghan and Harry’s son who was born earlier this year, is also expected to make the trip. However according to “experts” speaking to The Sun the Duchess may “feign a headache” as an excuse to avoid bloodsports.

Members of the royal family frequently go hunting whilst at Balmoral, with both grouse and deer having been targeted in the past.

However according to The Daily Mail grouse hunting has been cancelled this year, as a plague of heather beetles has reduced the number of birds.

They also like to go fishing in the River Dee, a top spot for salmon fishing.

However there is speculation that Meghan, who eats a vegan diet during the week, may not wish to participate.

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Meghan is well known for her love of animals.

She is patron of animal welfare charity Mayhew, which helps pet owners who fall on hard times.

Talking about the charity’s work she said: “As a proud dog rescue owner, I know from personal experience the joy that adopting an animal into your home can bring.

“The role that we, as people, play in rehoming and rescuing these animals is vital – but the role of organisations such as Mayhew is unparalleled.

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“As a Patron of Mayhew, I encourage you to get involved in whatever way you can – through pet adoption, volunteering, donation or spreading the word.

“We are interconnected and through these animals we find an even greater link to community and the part we play.”

Meghan and Harry married in May 2018 at St George’s Chapel in Windsor Castle.

A year later their son, currently the seventh in line to the throne, was born.

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