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Meghan Markle ‘diva’ fears: Warning Duchess must learn crucial lesson from Princess Diana | Royal | News

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, must “work out” how to keep the press and members of the public on her side for the good of her own public image, according to PR expert Anthony Burr. The communication guru warned Meghan she is running the risk of being perceived like a “diva” who doesn’t want to deal with her royal fans and British taxpayers. 

He told this website: “Harry’s mother, late Princess Diana, used her wits and intelligence to work out how to keep the media onside and was crowned the People’s Princess.

“Let’s hope Meghan can soon work it out too.

“Otherwise she will be in danger of becoming known as the ‘Diva Duchess’!”

Princess Diana didn’t enjoy the public scrutiny any more than Meghan. 

The Princess of Wales was constantly followed by paparazzi trying to take an exclusive snap of her.

On one occasion, Diana famously screamed at one of them: “You make my life hell!”

However, according to Mr Burr, the Princess of Wales was still able to find a way to use the attention to do good and to captivate her audience, becoming one of the most-loved royal of all time.

Mr Burr believes Meghan must first accept there is “nothing normal” about being a member of the Royal Family and she will never be able to conduct the same life she was before her engagement to Prince Harry. 

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However, the PR expert added, she and the Duke of Sussex can draw boundaries with the press and open up a bit more by organising more photo opportunities in exchange of extended period of privacy and tranquillity.

He said: “There is nothing normal about being part of the Royal Family, and Meghan knew that before she made that commitment.

“On entering public life, normality is never retained.

“She can’t have her cake and eat it. It needs to be shared around.  


“In my opinion, she needs to engage a new strategy and work with the media

and the public by cooperating on access at certain times.

“If she does this correctly, then she will rarely be questioned when she wants privacy during other periods.”

Meghan and Harry have upset the public and royal commentators in the past months by ramping up their privacy demands.

Since the birth of their firstborn, Archie Harrison Mountbatten Windsor, the couple have provided only a handful of pictures of their little one, in stark contrast with the numerous photo opportunity and pictures released by other members of the Royal Family during the first months of their newborns. 

Meghan and Harry’s decision to keep out photographers from the premises of the chapel where the christening was taking place raised more than a few eyebrows.

And news the renovation works at Frogmore Cottage had cost taxpayers £2.4million only worsened the general mood.

Princess Diana is not the only royal Meghan and Harry can get inspired from.

According to royal expert Daniela Elser, Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, marks the perfect example of how celebrities and royals can come with their fame just by acting in a “relaxed” way and allowing from time to time photographers to take a peep into their lives. 

She told “What’s so striking about the photos of the family on vacation is how relaxed and ordinary they appear.

“In fact, to the untrained eye, they could be any other Scandinavian family soaking up precious vitamin D and forking out euros for souvenirs that will be forgotten the instant they get home.

“And therein lies the secret to the particular way that members of other European royal families answer the vexing question of how to balance public interest while maintaining a reasonable amount of privacy.”      

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