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Meghan Markle and Harry ‘annoyed’ William and Kate after baby hint | Royal | News

and Prince Harry “really annoyed” Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William after dropping a huge hint over whether they would have more children, according to royal expert Robert Jobson. The royal expert also wrote in the Daily Mail, that “Meghan’s stint as guest editor on British Vogue’s September issue” may have angered the Duchess of Cambridge. Speaking about the claims, royal commentator and chief correspondent for E! News, Melanie Bromley, questioned whether there was really “tension” between Kate and Meghan, amid suggestions the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may have delayed their trip to Balmoral, until the Duke and Duchess of Sussex return home.

Speaking on E! News, Ms Bromley said: “Every year the Queen invites members of the Royal Family to stay at her Scottish estate, this year it’s no different. But this year there is one expert claiming William and Kate may have delayed their Balmoral trip because they don’t want to have a run-in with Harry and Meghan.

“According to royal reporter Robert Jobson recent comments made by Harry and Meghan may have rubbed William and Kate the wrong way.

“Jobson says that when Harry recently declared in an interview that the and Meghan plan on only having two children, maximum, this is their bid to save the planet, it actually really annoyed the Cambridges’ who, of course, have three.

“The same commentator also notes that Meghan may have upset Kate by saying she didn’t want to appear ‘boastful’ by putting a picture of herself on the cover of British Vogue.

“If you recall, Kate Middleton did appear as a cover star for British Vogue in 2016, and by the way, she looked bloody amazing doing it?”

She added: “So is there really more tension between William and Kate and Harry and Meghan? Or is this the case of normal stress that comes from trying to schedule a family vacation? Honestly when is planning a holiday not chaotic.

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Meghan Markle, Harry, William and Kate

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry reportedly ‘annoyed’ Kate and William (Image: GETTY)

Melanie Bromley

Melanie Bromley questioned whether there was really ‘tension’ between Kate and Meghan (Image: E!NEWS)

So is there really more tension between William and Kate and Harry and Meghan?

Royal commentator Melanie Bromley

“Despite the continued rift being cooked up by the trolls, Kate and Meghan appear to be putting on a united front.

“Almost all the evidence suggests the two women are getting along so well. They’re often seen smiling in one- another’s company. This year for the second time in a row, Kate and Meghan attended Wimbledon together.”

Writing in the Daily Mail last week, royal expert Robert Jobson claimed the Duke and Duchess could delay their trip to Balmoral to avoid seeing Harry and Meghan.

He wrote: “As children, William and Harry relished their time together at Balmoral, spending entire summers there with their mother away from prying eyes. But today, it is understood William and his wife Kate may delay their trip until Harry and Meghan have returned to Windsor.”

He added: “The Duke of Sussex’s latest ‘woke’ outburst, in which he declared that he and Meghan plan to have only two children ‘maximum’ in a bid to save the planet, may well have irked the Cambridges’, who already have three.

Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton

Meghan Markle and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge at Wimbledon (Image: GETTY)

“What will have fuelled their disquiet, too, is Meghan’s stint as guest editor on British Vogue’s September issue.

“The Duchess insisted it would have been ‘boastful’ to appear on the cover – but failed to mention that Kate became the fashion bible’s cover star two years previously.”

The Duke of Sussex recently hinted in an interview that he and Meghan were only looking to have one more child for the benefit of the environment.

He said: “I think, weirdly, because of the people that I’ve met and the places that I’ve been fortunate enough to go to, I’ve always had a connection and a love for nature. I view it differently now, without question. But I’ve always wanted to try and ensure that, even before having a child and hoping to have children…”

Dr Goodall, worried about the worldwide population growth, warned Harry not to have “too many” babies. The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry replied: “Two, maximum! But I’ve always thought: this place is borrowed. And, surely, being as intelligent as we all are, or as evolved as we all are supposed to be, we should be able to leave something better behind for the next generation.”

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s relationship timeline (Image: NC)

Meghan guest edited the September issue of British Vogue but did not place her the cover, thinking it was “boastful” to include herself in the edition.

Speaking about the issue, Meghan said: “Guest editing the September issue of British Vogue has been rewarding, educational and inspiring. To deep dive into this process, working quietly behind the scenes for so many months, I am happy to now be able to share what we have created.

“A huge thanks to all of the friends who supported me in this endeavour, lending their time and energy to help within these pages and on the cover. Thank you for saying ‘Yes!’ – and to Edward, thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”

British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful said: “To have the country’s most influential beacon of change guest edit British Vogue at this time has been an honour, a pleasure and a wonderful surprise. As you will see from her selections throughout this magazine, she is also willing to wade into more complex and nuanced areas, whether they concern female empowerment, mental health, race or privilege.

“From the very beginning, we talked about the cover – whether she would be on it or not. In the end, she felt that it would be in some ways a ‘boastful’ thing to do for this particular project. She wanted, instead, to focus on the women she admires.”

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge appeared on the cover of Vogue back in 2016, and Princess Diana was pictured on the front cover in 1981.

Reports of a feud between both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and William and Kate have circulated since Meghan joined the Royal Family.

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