Published On: Wed, Sep 4th, 2019

McDonnell plotting money grab on pensioners properties from second home with THREE boats | Politics | News

The news prompted accusations of hypocrisy levelled at the Labour left-winger, who owns the chalet bungalow on the Norfolk Broads with second wife Cynthia Pinto, plus no less than three boats. Mr McDonnell this week rolled out proposals which would penalised Britain’s 2.7 million private landlords by offering private tenants the same right to buy their home for a knock-down price as council tenants.

As a result, landlords would lose out on tens of thousands of pounds by selling at vastly less than the market price.

The idea – which is not yet Labour Party policy – would apply to anyone with a second property who is letting it out, including pensioners who rely on the money to provide them with an income.

One neighbour told the Mail: “When I saw the news about him banging on about punishing people for being private landlords, I thought, ‘Hang on a minute, he’s a second home owner himself.’

“It seems a bit hypocritical and duplicitous for him to be targeting landlords when he and his wife have their own second home.

“He and his wife just keep it for their families. They come up here quite regularly for weekends, especially in the summer.

“McDonnell’s son finished university last year and came up with three or four friends for a week. 


In a reference to the house he owns in Hillingdon, north west London, which is worth an estimated £760,000, he added: “In my street now a third of the houses are right-to-buy, badly maintained, overcrowded. It’s horrendous.

“You’d want to establish what is a reasonable price, you can establish that, and then that becomes the right to buy.

“The Government sets the criteria. I don’t think it’s complicated.”

The average Norfolk salary is £23,295, while a first time buyer can expect to pay an average of £185,587 for a property.

Mr McDonnell’s chalet is worth an estimated £170,000 according to property website Hoopla.

A spokesman for Mr McDonnell told the Mail: “John and his wife have a riverside holiday hut, with mooring, two small row boats and a small sailer cruiser that he is restoring.

“The hut is used by his family for holidays where he enjoys a great time sailing with his children and grandchildren.

“To own a hut you have to become a member of the management company for the site.

“John has received no complaints from neighbours about anything.”

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