Published On: Sun, Oct 13th, 2019

Max Verstappen slams ‘irresponsible’ Charles Leclerc for ‘destroying’ his Red Bull car | F1 | Sport

Red Bull’s Max Verstappen has hit out at Charles Leclerc for their incident at the Japanese Grand Prix.

Verstappen got off to a great start and overtook Leclerc on the opening corner.

But he was then clipped from behind and sent spinning across the track.

The damage sustained was too severe to continue and Red Bull had to make the difficult decision to end Verstappen’s race prematurely.

The safety stewards were initially not investigating the collision but later changed their mind.

And Verstappen was furious with Leclerc for making such a costly error.

“I felt I was in third but then suddenly in turn two Charles just drove into the side of my car,” Leclerc said.

“From my side I don’t think I could have done anything from there.

“We all know that you lose downforce from behind a car so that is not an excuse. I think he is experienced enough to know that.

“Initially they weren’t even going to investigate it. My whole car is destroyed, the whole side. There is holes in the side of the car.

“Now they start to investigate it but it is after the race. What more should he do to get a penalty?

“I like hard racing but I don’t think this was hard race. This was just irresponsible driving into turn two.

“There is only as much as you can do and it is still a very long race. It is a shame that it happened.”

Ferrari also came close to another investigation as pole-sitter Sebastian Vettel edged forwards before the lights went out.

However, because he did not cross the grid line and set the sensor off he got away with it.

Verstappen added: “Also, just watching back Seb’s start, he moves, he starts. The rules say you cannot move but ‘it’s fine because he didn’t gain an advantage there’.

“I really don’t understand what’s going on today with the rules.”

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