Published On: Thu, Sep 5th, 2019

London crime latest: Khan savaged as Stratford stabbing becomes capital’s 100th murder | UK | News

The count for 2018 crossed the hundred mark on August 24 and Mayor Sadiq Khan has faced calls to resign. While supporters of Mr Khan claim austerity is to blame for the murders, critics believe he must do more to combat the issue. As per Mail Online, the most recent victim was found collapse after a fight in a council estate.

A father-of-six Sadekur Rahman said: “The paramedics did try their best to save him. I overheard he had been stabbed in the thigh and just below the chest on his right hand side.

“None of us, neighbour or police, could identify him. When I saw the victim there were police and paramedics and they were pumping his heart.

“It was over an hour, they must have been trying very hard. My wife saw from the upstairs window that one of the paramedics started crying when he died.”

Another local resident said there is often drug dealing in the area and that a pizza delivery driver had looked himself in his van out of fear.

Mr Rahman added: “All of us here are scared of these sorts of things happening.

“They always come round and I’m afraid for my children. Sometimes I don’t even open my door when they are dealing there.”

Mr Khan tweeted early Wednesday morning: “Devastated to hear that a teenage boy lost his life to knife violence in Newham last night.

“Police are working tirelessly to find those responsible. I urge anyone with information to call 101 or Crimestopers UK anonymously. 

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One user wrote: “There will another knife crime, then another then another, until you get a grip and do something about it.”

Another added: “Resign now sir,for our children’s sake resign, you tried and failed, RESIGN.”

Mr Khan has eight months left of his term as London Mayor.

He is the Labour candidate for next year’s mayoral election.

Shaun Bailey, a London Assembly member, is the Tory candidate.

Former civil servant Siobhan Benita is the Liberal Democrat candidate, whilst Green Party co-leader and assembly member Sian Berry is their candidate.

Computer scientist Sue Black is the Women’s Equality Party candidate.

Mr Khan is favourite amongst bookmakers according to Oddschecker with Mrs Benita second.

Both previous Mayors of London, Ken Livingstone and Boris Johnson stood for two terms.

Mr Khan defeated Tory Zac Goldsmith three years ago.

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