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London crime: Jaw-dropping footage as hero grandad kicks knife-wielding attacker’s ass | UK | News

Clayton Leathers, 55, who has owned North London‘s Muscle Limit Gym, in Lockfield Avenue, Enfield, for 25 years, said it was “fight or flight” as he tackled his crazed attacker to the floor in a remarkable turn of events.  Dramatic footage shows the moment the crazed knifeman held a 12 inch kitchen knife to Mr Leathers’ throat and demanded cash.

But Mr Leathers remained calm and led the “parasite” to the till before spectacularly turning on him and flooring him with a series of punches.

Mr Leathers told how his attacker went from being a “belligerent” attacker to a “shivering coward” and said: “On reflection I would advise anyone not to fight back but people are sick and tired of the constant knife crime in London, it’s a pandemic.

“I can’t let these foul individuals and parasites of society win. “

The knife-wielding robber entered the Enfield gym demanding cash from the till on Sunday at 6.15pm after Mr Leathers’ had closed up. 

He said: “When he walked in for a split second I thought it was someone messing around but it became apparent quite quickly that it was serious. 

“He was asking for money and became belligerent quite quickly. He was screaming for money saying ‘bruv I ain’t joking, bruv give me your money’. 

“He came through the counter hatch and that’s when I tried to pacify the situation. 

“But he was extremely angry and pulling me about in a frantic manner.” 

But things quickly turned nasty when the attacker pulled out a knife to Mr Leathers’ throat. But unbelievably Mr Leathers’ says adrenaline kicked in and he didn’t even realise. 

He said: “As ridiculous as it sounds I wasn’t aware that he had the knife to my throat. I didn’t realise until after when I watched the footage back – it was quite a surreal moment. 

“It was numbing to see it back – watching it back you’re just like ‘OMG’.

“In all the years I have been there, something like this has never happened.” 

Mr Leathers’ told how he distracted the attacker, who was “mesmerised” by cash in the till which had £35 worth of notes in it, before taking him down. 

CCTV footage shows Mr Leathers’ attempting to open the till before he tackled the robber to the floor. 

He said: “It was fight or flight. I  just charged at him and threw him to the floor.

“There was a slight grappling on the floor. At this point I was aware of the knife. But once I had realised he had dropped it, I just did my very best to overpower him. 

“I remember being on top of him after getting him in a bear hug and thinking where is the knife? It seemed like this went on for an eternity. 

“It was totally not what I had planned, I was just doing all I could to subdue him.” 

In the moment he fought back and got his attacker to the ground, he said his “immediate thoughts were purely to subdue him for my own protection. He did succumb very quickly and was screaming ‘stop!’

“He went from being belligerent to begging me to stop. These people are cowards.

“On reflection I would advise anyone not to fight back but people are sick and tired of the constant knife crime in London, it’s a pandemic.” 

Determined not to let the incident stop him, Mr Leathers went back to work at his beloved gym the next day. 

He added: “My friends and family told me to have a week off, but I was there the next day. If I hadn’t gone to work – he has won. 

“I can’t let these foul individuals and parasites of society win. 

“I can’t comprehend the stupidity of someone coming to the gym to steal £35.”

Mr Leathers’ was forced to hand over his Tag watch during the attack, which he found “extremely upsetting” because it was a present from his wife. 

He said the support from members of his gym has been “fantastic” and Facebook comments on the video had “reassured him there are a lot of nice people out there”. 

He added: “The gym is such a lovely place. It is a pleasure to be there. The attack is just shocking because it goes against eveything the gym is about.” has contacted the Met Police for comment. 

The man is described as white and about 5ft7in, wearing a hoodie and bandana to mask his face. 

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