Published On: Fri, Aug 23rd, 2019

Kate Middleton pregnant: Why Meghan and Kate Middleton will never be pregnant at same time | Royal | News

Meghan Markle gave birth to her first baby in May and while Archie Harrison is only three months old royal fans can’t wait for her and Prince Harry to add to their brood. Kate, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William already have three royal tots but many hope they will have a fourth.

Prince Harry, 34, recently revealed he and Meghan planned to only have two children in a recent interview with climate change campaigner Dr Jane Goodall for British Vogue Magazine.

The admission was taken as some to be a subtle swipe and his big brother who has three children with Kate.

Meghan celebrated her 38th birthday on August 4 and may wish to have another child as soon as possible because of the increase in pregnancy risks with age.

The Duchess of Cambridge is clearly in her element as a mother and has been snapped doting over her youngest Prince Louis, one, at several royal engagements this year.

Kate’s reaction to news of Baby Archie’s birth was gushing and prompted many to speculate she was feeling broody for another baby herself.

While fans would be delighted to see both Duchesses pregnant again, royal etiquette could mean they will never be pregnant at the same time.

In the Royal Family there are countless protocols to be followed and these can extend to when and how news is shared with the public.

The Queen’s sister Princess Margaret was seemingly made to delay announcing her engagement with photographer Anthony Armstrong-Jones for this very reason.

While Princess Margaret’s quest to find true love was a long and fraught journey she finally found the one in 1960.

When she shared the exciting news with the Queen she was asked to hold off making a public announcement.

Queen Elizabeth II was pregnant with Prince Andrew at the time and royal etiquette is said to have dictated that Margaret wait until the royal baby was born before she announced her engagement.

Prince Andrew was born on February 19, 1960, and Princess Margaret and Antony announced their engagement one week later.

If this etiquette around royal announcements remains in place than it is possible Meghan and Kate have been asked to plan their pregnancies around one another.

As Prince William’s wife, Kate will one day be Queen Consort and is a higher-ranking royal than Meghan.

If Meghan were to announce a pregnancy at the same time as Kate than its possible Kate’s news could be overshadowed by Meghan’s and upset the power structure.

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