Published On: Sun, Aug 25th, 2019

Kate Middleton news: When Prince William becomes King they will have to do paperwork

Kate Middleton and Prince William are two very important members of the Royal Family.

William is second-in-line to the British Throne after his father Prince Charles, 70.

One day he will be the King, and his wife Kate Middleton will be the Queen Consort.

With this in mind, the important pair are taking on more and more royal roles in preparation.

Queen Elizabeth II is 93 now, and will hold the title of monarch until she passes away.

Due the longer lifespans in the 21st Century, monarchs are ascending to the throne at a ripe old age.

One can only guess at what age William will take to the throne.

One thing is for sure, however, he and Kate will have a lot of work to take on regardless of their age.

Royal expert Eliot Wilson said: “William and Catherine as King and Queen, assuming they are in good health and an active age when they reach the throne, can expect the heaviest workload of any royals.”

It has long been said the Queen is one of the hardest working monarchs, but the King or Queen generally has the most to do of all the Royal Family.

Being a ruler has traditionally come with shorter lifespan, due to poorer health in the country generally and the risky nature of the job itself.

In the past many have been willing to kill, and have killed, for the position, or to other throw a corrupt leader.

Thankfully for the members of the modern Royal Family, things have calmed down a little.

However, perhaps as a historical hangover from the past, there is no retirement plan for the monarch.

Eliot said: “The monarch herself (or himself) has shouldered the largest number of engagements and duties for years, and only considerably advancing age has forced Her Majesty to cut back (something I imagine she found very hard, as she has an exceptionally deeply ingrained sense of duty and service).”

So what sort of work awaits Kate and William?

“Let us suppose that William and Catherine are 60-years-old or so when they become King and Queen,” Eliot said, “they would expect to become very much the central focus of the Royal Family’s activity, both in terms of image and in terms of workload.

“Although the position of the monarch is ceremonial, there is a vast amount of paperwork involved; the Queen may not have the power to influence many large-scale political decisions, but she must be informed of them, and she still receives a letter from a Government whip every sitting day which briefs her on the goings-on in Parliament that day.

“These used to be written longhand by the Vice-Chamberlain of the Household, the no. 4 in the Government Whips’ Office, but they’re typed now.”

Will Kate Middleton be forced out of Kensington Palace when William becomes King? 

Windsor Castle is the current home of the Monarch. According to the royal website she stays here most weekends.

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