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Kate Middleton news: Kate’s ‘awful burden’ about Prince William relationship revealed | Royal | News

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have what many would describe a fairytale romance, having met for the first time while the two were first year students at St Andrews University almost two decades ago. However, their journey to blissful marriage has not always been so smooth, but rather full of ups and downs before they tied the knot in 2011. While their first break-up at university was kept quiet, Kate and William’s split in 2007 was widely reported and talked about.

The now Duke of Cambridge decided to break-up with his university sweetheart because he reportedly felt “claustrophobic” in the relationship and that “the fun” had disappeared.

A newly-resurfaced report though, suggests there might have been another reason behind their split.

Hello Magazine correspondent Judy Wade argued that Kate “might have realised the awful burden she would have taken on” after marrying her Prince.

She added: “It’s a life sentence marrying a royal.”

Daily Express royal correspondent Richard Palmer also argued that the only reason the two split up was to give Kate time to reflect at a time where she was facing increasingly media attention.

In a 2007 report, Mr Palmer claimed during their so-called break-up, Kate was “still wearing the friendship ring William gave her more than two years ago”.

He added: “They were very lovey-dovey when they went out for dinner with Hugh and Rose vn Cutsem at the King’s Head at Bledington in the Cotswolds a couple of weeks ago.

“I’m sure they have split up for now but William’s very good at manipulating the media.

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“This may be about giving her a breather from the royal scene as well as giving him time to go off and do what he wants to do.”

Before the split, Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole, were reportedly incredibly worried that her daughter was being regularly followed by up to half a dozen of paparazzi every day. .

On her 25th birthday on January 9, hundreds of photographers and journalists gathered outside the now Duchess of Cambridge’s flat as rumours started spreading William might finally propose to his university sweetheart.

Some lenses were reportedly thrust less than a foot from her face, and her car was blocked.

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At times she looked both harassed and distressed and one former Royal Protection Officer called on Prince Charles to fund private protection for Kate as, not being a member of the Royal Family, she was not entitled to police protection.

The frightening scenes also angered Prince William.

A spokesman for the Prince said at the time: “Prince William is very unhappy at the paparazzi harassment of his girlfriend.

“He wants more than anything for it to stop.

“Miss Middleton should, like any other private individual, be able to go about her everyday business without this kind of intrusion.

“The situation is proving unbearable for all those concerned.”

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