Published On: Tue, Oct 29th, 2019

Kate Middleton news: Duchess of Cambridge takes photos of royal children for this reason

Kate Middleton is known for having a love of photography and many official portraits of her family are taken by the Duchess. She will regularly share pictures of her children on their birthdays and on other special occasions. However, her interest in photography may not be the only reason she takes her own snaps, an expert revealed.

Kate is a high profile member of the Royal Family and seems to take a traditional royal approach to raising her children, Zoe Bonser, show director at The Baby Show, said.

She told “Kate is seen as traditional and this probably down to the responsibilities that Prince George will have one day.

“For instance, the children are always dressed in traditional British clothing for public appearances and Kate is happy for them to appear in photo calls.”

Although her children will appear in photo calls when at official royal events, Kate will still take the opportunity to release her own photographs.

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The Duchess might choose to take pictures herself so she has control over what is seen and to protect her children’s privacy.

“Usually Kate takes pictures herself, giving her the freedom and power over what is used in public – and a chance to use her artistic skills,” Zoe added.

As well as showing off her skills with a camera, there could be other reasons behind Kate’s decision.

The royal might publish her own snaps in an attempt to make her family more accessible to the public, Gina Jones from Bumpkins, The Baby Show’s lead experts in baby photography, said.


Speaking to MailOnline, she explained: “It shows how modern Kate and William are by being more accessible and having a hands-on approach.”

However, Kate might also choose to showcase her photography in a surprising bid to cut back on costs.

“It also shows that they are resourceful with money as you often see Kate in high street fashion and sometimes repeating outfits and so by taking her own photos this again shows how she is savvy with money,” Gina added.

The Duchess will often show her thrifty side by wearing affordable clothes and re-wearing garments and her photography could be an extension of this.

No matter what her reason for taking her own portraits, Kate’s photography skills have not gone unnoticed and she was awarded an honorary lifetime membership by the Royal Photographic Society.

Dr Michael Pritchard, chief executive of the RPS, said: “The Duchess of Cambridge has had a long-standing interest in photography and its history.

“She is the latest in a long line of royal photographers and the society is pleased to recognise her talent and enthusiasm through honorary membership. We look forward to a continuing relationship with her.”

Kate Middleton is married to Prince William, who is second in line to the British throne.

If William were to become King, the Duchess would became queen consort and have her own coronation to honour this.

Her son, Prince George, six, is also likely to be King one day and the Duchess would be given a new title if this were to happen

She would most likely become queen mother and would have the same duties as the queen consort.

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