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Kate Middleton devastated: How Eugenie and Beatrice’s ‘icy’ front caused feud with Kate | Royal | News

Kate Middleton quickly became one of the most popular members of the Royal Family when she tied the knot with Prince William at Westminster Abbey in 2011. But although the Duchess of Cambridge was loved by fans, not all members of the Royal Family seemed to be fond of Kate. One particular relationship that wasn’t rosy, was the friendship between Kate and Prince William’s cousin, Princess Beatrice.

Princess Beatrice is the daughter of Prince Andrew, the Duke of York and Sarah Ferguson.

Sarah, Duchess of York had already caused rifts in the family, after she was shunned for her ridiculous antics.

So much so that it created tension between her daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, and the rest of the royals.

Many believe this rift translated to the girls not liking Kate — although Eugenie seems to have warmed up to her cousin-in-law.

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Princess Beatrice, however, was reportedly “quite icy” toward Kate, feeling sidelined due to the Duchess of Cambridge’s place and popularity in the Royal Family, especially with her grandmother-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II.

The bad relationship between Beatrice and Kate reportedly led to awkward dynamics between Beatrice’s sister, Princess Eugenie and the duchess as well.

Princess Eugenie took her sister’s side in the beginning, but is said to be on good terms with everyone in the Royal Family now.

According to a royal insider, things turned particularly bad between Kate and Beatrice at the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wedding in 2011.

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Cracks appeared when William and Kate did not invite Princess Beatrice’s ex-boyfriend Dave Clark to their royal wedding as they had worries over Mr Clark being “indiscreet”.

William was also at the centre of the split between Beatrice and Mr Clark in October 2016, when the princess was reported to be “devastated”.

The Duke of Cambridge is well-known for not tolerating breaches of confidence, with one friend recalling: “You can forget it if you abuse his trust”.

Then, in 2015 a source told the Daily Mail: “William isn’t a huge fan of Dave.

“It’s fair to say that if Beatrice had asked the Queen for permission to marry Dave, and she in turn asked William privately for his view, she may not have been given a glowing report.

“Dave is a nice guy and he makes Beatrice happy, which is important.

“But William has always been wary of him. There is a clash of personalities.”

A tense showdown reportedly also took place over the Royal Family’s 2018 Easter service at Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel.

The showdown reached a climax when the York sisters blatantly snubbed the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, then disrespected the Queen and had to be told to “show some respect”.

A royal insider said last year: “Things were so bad, Eugenie and Bea wouldn’t even stand with Wills and Kate after the service.”

The source added: “Kate knows that Bea and Eugenie can be troublemakers and is trying to keep them at arm’s length from Meghan.”

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