Published On: Mon, Oct 7th, 2019

Justin Trudeau news: PM slammed for ‘hypocrisy’ after using two planes | World | News

Justin Trudeau was called-out by Canada’s opposition Conservative Party after it was revealed he used two planes during his election campaign. The current Canadian Prime Minister, who has served since 2015, was labelled as a hypocrite for using multiple plane journeys despite boasting about his party’s bid to tackle climate change.

The self-praise came during a meeting with climate change activist Greta Thunberg, who recently travelled to North America by boat in order to avoid leaving any carbon footprint.

Mr Trudeau spoke highly of Ms Thunberg, calling her a “remarkable” young person, and describing her as “the voice of a generation of young people”.

He also said that he was listening to the calls to make the world better, all before it was revealed that he had used two planes to fly internally as part of his 2019 election campaign.

In a press release issued by the Conservative Party, Canada’s Tories condemned Mr Trudeau and his party’s “hypocrisy”.

The photographs of the alleged planes used during the campaign trip, showed one for Mr Trudeau and apparently another for transporting cargo.

The press release read: “Despite marching in climate strikes, lecturing everybody else on lowering emissions and imposing a carbon tax on hard-working Canadians, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are secretly using two aircraft to campaign in this election.”

The fresh revelation comes after photographs of Mr Trudeau wearing black face emerged last month.

The photos were followed by a video – a third instance of him in black face – just hours after he apologised for wearing what he described as “racist” makeup to a costume party in 2001.

JUST INJustin Trudeau failing to shake off blackface outrage

He added that the Liberal Party was buying carbon offsets to reduce the impact of the emissions from the two planes and party buses.

Carbon offsetting takes the greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere by one person in one place and pays another person to take the gases out in another place.

This allows a person to balance the carbon they have emitted in order to tackle climate change effectively.

However good at balancing offsetting might be, it essentially doesn’t solve the problem of greenhouse gases, neither does it cut overall emissions.

The Liberal Party won’t have to pay for many more carbon offsets as the Canadian federal election draws to a close later this month.

Commentators have said the election is too close to call, with Canada’s Tories and the Liberal Party neck and neck in the polls.

Last week, party leaders clashed in a French election debate, largely disagreeing over issues concerning the environment.

The event was the first time four of the five-party leaders had faced off.

The debate saw Mr Trudeau accused of being a “fake environmentalist” by the Conservative leader, Andrew Scheer.

This is where Mr Scheer took the opportunity to call the Liberal leader out over his use of planes during the campaign trail.

Canadians will go to the polls on October 21, with many believing Mr Trudeau might not secure a second mandate.

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